Studly Abe

7:28 AM

I didn't realize quite how unbuttoned I drew his shirt until just now. Yeesh. It's just that I don't like how old pictures of people never show them smiling. All the pictures I've seen of Abe Lincoln look so somber (I know, I know, there was a war, I get it...) I just wanted to draw him smiling. Or grinning. For once. Instead, it came out as more of a smirk, which I don't really mind. I'll settle for an Abe smirk. And then the shirt...I don't know what happened. My pen got away from me and suddenly he belongs in a 70's nightclub. I just liked thinking of what Abe Lincoln would be like as a normal guy...just Abe. Shirt-way-unbuttoned, smirky Abe.

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