Record Runner

7:57 AM

 Record players always remind me of when I was ten, and my favorite song was "Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles. For the record (pun intended), my taste in music will never be that hip again. I just really, really loved that song. So I listened to the album "Revolver" on my dad's record player over and over and over just so I could hear that one track. It boggles my mind a little bit now to think about how there was no "repeat button" in those days. I couldn't just listen to the song on repeat and get it out of my system, I had to physically get up and move the needle back to the beginning of the song. And eventually I would get tired of that and I'd let the record play itself out (fortunately in this case, Revolver is a spectacular album so I was only furthering my musical education.) I'm rather proud that I used to listen to music on record players, the way I'm proud that I used to have a typewriter and use encyclopedias.

On an unrelated note, if I was six inches tall, I would use a record player as a treadmill. Like this guy.

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