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Allow me to introduce one of the bigger, most-fun projects I've gotten to work on in a while...
Boom! Whomp! Zap! I was asked to create some large wooden signs with comic sound effects for a superhero-themed camp this summer. I could hardly wait, this sounded like so much fun!
First, I started sketching out different sound effect words:

I narrowed down a list of my six favorite sounds and sketched out little versions by hand, then colored them in Photoshop:
Next, I started cutting them out of 4'x8' pieces of plywood:
(My "obsessed with making things out of wood" phase may have been accelerated by this project...)
I was determined to find a way to make little dot-gradients on the signs (the faded polka-dots that make it look like an old newspaper comic.) So I bought a $4 piece of pegboard and drilled bigger holes in ascending sizes, then used it as a stencil to spray-paint. I felt a little silly for being so focused on the pegboard in the beginning, but I think the effect really made a difference in the long run!
Started painting:

...And painting...
Thus began the period of time where our garage looked like a warzone...
Like, a comic book warzone. 

But in the end, I love how they turned out!

Now they're hanging around camp, and every time I see them it makes me smile.
(And, I get a hankering to cut something else with my jigsaw...)

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  1. pretty stinking epic Annie. The pegboard idea was brilliant.

  2. They look fabulous!


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