One Direction Republic

7:44 AM

Soooo...this happened.
My parents are going to a concert that's being co-headlined by Sara Bareilles (who they enjoy) and One Republic, who they don't know much the point that my dad mistakenly said they were going to be seeing One Direction in concert. If you don't know the different between these two bands - One Direction is made up of skinny-jeans-and-suspenders-wearing boys with perfectly tousled hair, and One Republic is...I don't know, a normal band. I like 'em. But I just can't get the image out of my head of my mom and dad in the midst of a sea of teenage girls screaming out the lyrics to every One Direction song. I was so disappointed when we figured out it was actually One Republic. But I'm sure my parents will enjoy that concert quite a bit more, even with the lack of perfectly tousled hair and suspenders.

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  1. I might even be able to sit through Justin Bieber to see Sara!

  2. I hate this you fucking slut I hope you fall .............. everybody HATES you stp doing this shit

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