2nd Grade Sketch

7:40 AM

I thought this was an appropriate sketch to post on the fourth of July. I drew it when I was in second grade, and my wonderful second-grade teacher (who I'm still friends with) recently found this drawing in her old files and mailed it to me. That's her (my teacher), playing the piano with her back to us, and we're either singing "Star-Spangled Banner" or pledging allegiance...I'm not quite sure. Maybe both. I'm confused by the hand-over-heart combined with music notes. I should also mention - my teacher had a friendly cardboard dragon cutout named Dudley that always lived in her classroom, if you're wondering what's going on in the top left. There was not an actual dragon present. Oh man, I love my shoes in this drawing - my whole outfit, really. I'm the one in the hip "smile" shirt. I like that I drew with attention to details even when I was seven, making sure to include watches and shoelaces and teeth...even the whiteboard marker sitting with the cap off. Overall, I'd say this is a pretty accurate portrayal of my second grade classroom.

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  1. no wonder Joanne saved it :)
    -- big-shoe/smile-Tshirt fan


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