Super Camp

7:58 AM

This drawing is a bit on the sillier side. Summer camp is in full swing, so my responsibilities shift slightly during the summer months. One change is that I have to carry a radio wherever I go (think walkie-talkie, not like the boombox from Say Anything.) So every time I leave my office, I have to make sure I have my radio (I used to have to carry two different radios at the same time), a hefty amount of keys, my cell phone, etc. It's a lot of remembering. And while I think most people are a little annoyed having to carry around so much stuff, it makes me feel important. It's ridiculous. NO ONE is thinking "Whoa, look at the vast number of keys on her belt! She must run the place!" But I feel empowered nonetheless. This drawing is my super-camp superhero. I'm silly, I know. Camp is lucky they have employees that are willing to be compensated in "radios and key-carrying."

I tried to go for this look, like retro Incredibles:

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