My Week in Sketches

7:46 AM

After my friends and I had dinner last week, some of their kids started setting marbles on the patio dining table. The marbles rolled perfectly in the slats of the table, and soon we'd made a game out of it, complete with team names and objectives. We seriously played marbles for like two hours.

My friend Angela was in town, and we always stay up super-late talking...

Last Saturday was my birthday! It was so fun. Usually birthdays are reserved for parties or fancy dinners, and those are great, too - but I wanted to go adventuring. My friends and I trekked out to Salvation Mountain, the Salton Sea, and Palm Springs and it was so fun. It was such a unique day, like a mini-road-trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

 I work at a summer camp, and last Sunday was the beginning of the first week! It's always fun to see the place come alive with hundreds of campers.

 I'm practicing going to bed earlier. For years, my system has been to stay up until midnight or 1am every night, then wake up feeling like I've been hit by a train, go to work, and do this every day until the weekend when I can sleep in until ten and catch up on sleep. Sooooo...maybe that's actually not the best system. I'm trying to see if it's possible to wake up before 8 without feeling like I've been kicked in the head. I think maybe it takes practice.
Editor's note: I don't really "march" off to bed like that. I am not a Von Trapp. 

And this is me, being a little dramatic about how hot it gets in the kitchen I have to work in on Wednesdays during summer. I'm clearly not cut out for manual labor.

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