My Week in Sketches

7:40 AM

Man, when little kids get really excited to serve you beverages...everybody wins.
This is sort of an awkward's me hole-punching stuff while I watch TV. Once a year, I have to hole-punch zillions of copies, so I try to do it in front of the TV as much as possible. 
 This is a picture of me, mid-heat-stroke. I forgot how hot it gets in the summer. I was miserable all day. How long until winter?!
 I babysat my friends' kids last week, and the highlight was building forts with them. It was their idea, only they refer to it as a game called "Cushions."
Since I work at a summer camp, summer is a very, very busy time for us! Sometimes it means carrying lots of boxes in the dreaded heat. 
 Like I said, everything's really busy right now, and as much as I like my job - I was super stressed out last Tuesday. And I had to work late, so by the time I headed home I was exhausted and starving, and I didn't have any groceries at home, so I got a burrito for dinner...Upon arriving home, my roommate dutifully listened to me as I verbally unloaded all the stress of my day, which ended with me lamenting about how even my burrito was wrong. Not my finest hour.
P.S. Yes, Mom, I have since purchased groceries.
This is me getting a pep talk from my coworker. Work is busy busy busy right now and sometimes I just need a slight kick in the pants.
Summer camp season is the best, though, once we get rolling. It's a ton of fun to plan, but this planning week is the one week a year where I lose my mind little bit. And hey, I made it! Now it's nothing but berrypicking and campers and swimming and sunshine. And work. There's some work in there, too.

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