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It may come as no surprise that I enjoy drawing-based games like Pictionary. I like games, I like drawing, and I like winning...and Pictionary seems to hit all three of those criteria for me on a regular basis. Last week my friends and I played Cranium for the first time in years, and I got more excited when I remembered there is a drawing category.

It takes all my strength to let somebody else on my team be the drawer. Let's be honest, I want to be the drawer every time. I love it. This was my drawing for "juggling" with my eyes closed (that was part of the game, not just showing off.)
I love being the drawer!
(That's draw-er, not like a drawer in a cabinet. I don't love being a cabinet drawer.)

 And as the night winded down, I found myself doodling to death on the leftover Cranium pages. I covered this one in abstract doodles with the pencil that the game provided. I don't doodle randomly any more the way I used to so often in my school notebooks, so it was kind of nice to spend the evening doodling on Cranium pages. And if you're wondering, my team definitely came in last place...but we still had fun getting there.

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  1. been so long since I've seen a dumble-duck doodle...Dumbledown mom


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