Colored Adventures with Addie

7:56 AM

This is an "after" update post of a post from a few weeks ago. I made a coloring book for my friends' six-year-old and she's started coloring in the pages, which makes me so happy to see. I love the child-wielded crayon-shading. It's like a little art duet with me and Addie. When I was a kid, my mom and I "wrote a book together." She wrote it, and then I did the illustrations. And even though the illustrations would have been infinitely better if she'd drawn them herself, it's a treasure now because we created it together. And even though I'm sure little Addie is oblivious to that line of thinking at this stage in life, there's still a happy feeling in the pit of my stomach that we created something together. And it's so much more fun than if I had colored it in myself.

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  1. This is so sweet! I'm so thankful for your role in Addie's life, Annie!!!

    1. I'm thankful for it, too. Love that kid!


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