A is for Ampersat. And Annie!

7:54 AM

Look how cuuuuute! 
I made an ampersat yesterday! Isn't it adorable? I had to google the real word for "the at sign", and it's ampersat. Now I know. When I was little, I spent a good amount of time under the impression that an ampersat was a shortcut for the word "about." Like the "approximately" definition of "about." As in, I have @ twenty apples. About twenty. Even to this day, I sometimes catch myself slipping into that usage when I'm taking notes by hand. I probably just felt like the at sign needed a purpose in life, before email addresses were a thing. I've also always been fond of the ampersat because I like the letter "A". You know, because my name's "Annie" and all. It makes the ampersat seem like an approriate decoration choice for me.

I decided to see if I could cut one out of wood! I did, though it was remarkably tricky to cut out all the little pieces without cutting off little pieces of my fingers.

I'm so happy with how it looks on the wall! I feel like I finally have a complete little "vignette" above my desk. Perfect for inspiration and calm when I need it. I considered spray-painting the at sign a bright color, like red or yellow or something (mainly because I think that's what they would do if we were on HGTV.) But I knew once I painted it, I could never go back and get a wood-stained version...so I stained it knowing that I can always paint it one day if I want to. Except I love it and I don't think I'll ever paint it. You could say I think's it's plenty "at-tractive" as it is.

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