My Week in Sketches

7:52 AM

Last Thursday, my friends and I went to the park for a picnic. One of their kiddos randomly asked if I would play "Three Little Pigs" with them. I didn't know what that meant, but it resulted in all the kids hiding behind a tree, and me going "door to door" blowing houses down. Until they all hid behind the last tree, and they burned me alive in their chimney. All good fun.
On Friday, I went to a mini-reunion with friends that used to work at camp together.
We spent about five hours saying "Remember that one time?..."
 One of my friends has a new baby boy, and we went to visit last weekend.
Back at work, having too much fun with the laminating machine! 
My roommate and friend got home right as I was going to bed last Monday, so we hung out in my room for a while. It was just funny because they were up and dressed and everything, and I was in bed in my PJs.
 Roommates that watch "The Bachelorette" together, stay together...
 One of my good friends came up to camp this week and I was happy to see him.
He's a lot like what I imagine having a brother would be like.

The Construction Zone

7:58 AM

My garage has been a bit of a warzone lately...and by "lately", I mean the last six months. I keep meaning to clean everything up, but there's always another project on the horizon! And I think deep down (or maybe even only a little bit down), I'm kind of proud of how messy it is. I love it a little. And whenever I walk into the garage to face it, I always think this phrase, like someday it'll be cleaned up...but today is not that day. 


A is for Ampersat. And Annie!

7:54 AM

Look how cuuuuute! 
I made an ampersat yesterday! Isn't it adorable? I had to google the real word for "the at sign", and it's ampersat. Now I know. When I was little, I spent a good amount of time under the impression that an ampersat was a shortcut for the word "about." Like the "approximately" definition of "about." As in, I have @ twenty apples. About twenty. Even to this day, I sometimes catch myself slipping into that usage when I'm taking notes by hand. I probably just felt like the at sign needed a purpose in life, before email addresses were a thing. I've also always been fond of the ampersat because I like the letter "A". You know, because my name's "Annie" and all. It makes the ampersat seem like an approriate decoration choice for me.

I decided to see if I could cut one out of wood! I did, though it was remarkably tricky to cut out all the little pieces without cutting off little pieces of my fingers.

I'm so happy with how it looks on the wall! I feel like I finally have a complete little "vignette" above my desk. Perfect for inspiration and calm when I need it. I considered spray-painting the at sign a bright color, like red or yellow or something (mainly because I think that's what they would do if we were on HGTV.) But I knew once I painted it, I could never go back and get a wood-stained I stained it knowing that I can always paint it one day if I want to. Except I love it and I don't think I'll ever paint it. You could say I think's it's plenty "at-tractive" as it is.


Super Camp

7:58 AM

This drawing is a bit on the sillier side. Summer camp is in full swing, so my responsibilities shift slightly during the summer months. One change is that I have to carry a radio wherever I go (think walkie-talkie, not like the boombox from Say Anything.) So every time I leave my office, I have to make sure I have my radio (I used to have to carry two different radios at the same time), a hefty amount of keys, my cell phone, etc. It's a lot of remembering. And while I think most people are a little annoyed having to carry around so much stuff, it makes me feel important. It's ridiculous. NO ONE is thinking "Whoa, look at the vast number of keys on her belt! She must run the place!" But I feel empowered nonetheless. This drawing is my super-camp superhero. I'm silly, I know. Camp is lucky they have employees that are willing to be compensated in "radios and key-carrying."

I tried to go for this look, like retro Incredibles:

Taking on the Impossible

7:27 AM

 This is my most recent piece of artwork that I made for a fearless friend.
I love that it's just ink and wood stain. So simple!  


My Week in Sketches

7:46 AM

After my friends and I had dinner last week, some of their kids started setting marbles on the patio dining table. The marbles rolled perfectly in the slats of the table, and soon we'd made a game out of it, complete with team names and objectives. We seriously played marbles for like two hours.

My friend Angela was in town, and we always stay up super-late talking...

Last Saturday was my birthday! It was so fun. Usually birthdays are reserved for parties or fancy dinners, and those are great, too - but I wanted to go adventuring. My friends and I trekked out to Salvation Mountain, the Salton Sea, and Palm Springs and it was so fun. It was such a unique day, like a mini-road-trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

 I work at a summer camp, and last Sunday was the beginning of the first week! It's always fun to see the place come alive with hundreds of campers.

 I'm practicing going to bed earlier. For years, my system has been to stay up until midnight or 1am every night, then wake up feeling like I've been hit by a train, go to work, and do this every day until the weekend when I can sleep in until ten and catch up on sleep. Sooooo...maybe that's actually not the best system. I'm trying to see if it's possible to wake up before 8 without feeling like I've been kicked in the head. I think maybe it takes practice.
Editor's note: I don't really "march" off to bed like that. I am not a Von Trapp. 

And this is me, being a little dramatic about how hot it gets in the kitchen I have to work in on Wednesdays during summer. I'm clearly not cut out for manual labor.



7:40 AM

It may come as no surprise that I enjoy drawing-based games like Pictionary. I like games, I like drawing, and I like winning...and Pictionary seems to hit all three of those criteria for me on a regular basis. Last week my friends and I played Cranium for the first time in years, and I got more excited when I remembered there is a drawing category.

It takes all my strength to let somebody else on my team be the drawer. Let's be honest, I want to be the drawer every time. I love it. This was my drawing for "juggling" with my eyes closed (that was part of the game, not just showing off.)
I love being the drawer!
(That's draw-er, not like a drawer in a cabinet. I don't love being a cabinet drawer.)

 And as the night winded down, I found myself doodling to death on the leftover Cranium pages. I covered this one in abstract doodles with the pencil that the game provided. I don't doodle randomly any more the way I used to so often in my school notebooks, so it was kind of nice to spend the evening doodling on Cranium pages. And if you're wondering, my team definitely came in last place...but we still had fun getting there.


Swirly Annie

7:43 AM

 Just playing around with my name. Annie. Pretty great name.
People always think I'm saying "Amy" though and it drives me a liiiiiitle bit crazy. I have to slow it down and be like "A-nnnnnnn-ie". But other than that, it's a pretty great name. I mean, Annie Oakley, Orphan Annie...need I say more? There's never a movie villain named Annie. Because Annies are just too hip to be villains. Okay, okay, we're not hip. But we're too nice to be villains. And I'm okay with that.

This was the original hand-drawn version, before I scanned it in and layered some textures behind it: 



7:52 AM

This is a self-portrait of me, just chillin' in a nest with a couple'a eggs like it's a typical Tuesday afternoon. I wish I had some sort of deep explanation as to the symbolism of rebirth or hatching or something...but nope, it's just me in a nest. With some egg buddies. Taking a nap. Looks nice, though. I would totally take a nest nap today if I could. 

Ahhhh, nonsense. My favorite.
Today marks three years of me blogging about art and nonsense. 
Thanks for sticking with me! I appreciate you being here.


Buddy Dragon

7:54 AM

Yesterday my mind drifted off and I looked down to see this on my sketchbook page...
It's me riding what I can only presume is my hypothetical pet dragon. 
Because apparently that's what I daydream about.


My Week in Sketches

7:59 AM

My friends and I met at the park last Thursday, and we all fed the ducks for a while.
(I feel the need to point out the inaccuracy of this drawing that makes it look like I'm the one adult
keeping an eye on the kids...when in reality, I was feeding the ducks as a kid.)
I saw the (little-known) movie "Frances Ha" with my friends and it was one of the best movie experiences I've ever had. The movie was good in itself, but was downright wonderful when my friends and I were the only ones in the theater. It was so much more enjoyable when we could giggle and chat together during the movie.
My friend made us round pancake-spheres for breakfast, and they're called something funny like "abbleskivvers." I can't remember, but to be honest, mis-pronouncing the name was half the fun. And they tasted AMAZING.

Whenever I go shopping at Home Depot, I feel super-self-consious, like all the employees will think I don't know anything because I'm a girl. So I always try to act like I know where I'm going, when in reality I can't find aaaaaaaanything.
This week began a series of "preview nights" at the camp where I work, where we get to see a sample evening program before camp actually gets started. I spent Monday night at the camp center for 5th and 6th graders, and my friends and I played in the giant treehouse.
The next night was spent at the high school camp...
...and then the Jr. High camp, where the worship leaders were wearing superhero costumes.
Because this is camp, and that's how we roll.

Repremanding Bieber

7:56 AM

Whenever I see Justin Bieber on TV, it's like I turn into an 80-year-old woman. I start thinking in phrases like "When I was your age..." and "Well I've never heard of such a thing!..." and gasping in horror as he shows off his new tattoos or ridiculous tennis shoes or diamond stud earrings. I start reminiscing about how Justin used to be such a sweet little ragamuffin, but now he's all bling-ed out and sagging his pants and getting DUIs...I swear, if I ever meet this kid, I'm going to give him a stern talking-to.


Would You Rather...

7:45 AM

The joke is that the 91 Freeway is the worst.
It's the worst, most always-trafficky freeway I've ever encountered. Every time I drive it, I'm half-contemplating getting out of my car and walking the rest of the way. It's just the worst. I mean, maybe not quiiiiiite worse-than-getting-your-face-eaten-off-by-sharks, but it's up there.



7:44 AM

 Um...yup. This is a merman. A merdude. Merguy.
There's no excuse for it, really. I suppose this is a rather gratuitous drawing of a dude. It just sort of happened. It's like I started drawing him without a shirt on and then I was like, "Wait, why am I just sitting here sketching a shirtless guy?!" so then I was like, "No, wait, he's a merman! So, you know, I would totally draw a shirt for him but mermen don't wear shirts!" But let's be honest, I kind of have a crush on King Triton from the Little Mermaid. Wait, scratch that. I just remembered my friends told me I should never admit that to anyone because it makes me sounds like a's a merman. That's all. No mercrushes here.

Colored Adventures with Addie

7:56 AM

This is an "after" update post of a post from a few weeks ago. I made a coloring book for my friends' six-year-old and she's started coloring in the pages, which makes me so happy to see. I love the child-wielded crayon-shading. It's like a little art duet with me and Addie. When I was a kid, my mom and I "wrote a book together." She wrote it, and then I did the illustrations. And even though the illustrations would have been infinitely better if she'd drawn them herself, it's a treasure now because we created it together. And even though I'm sure little Addie is oblivious to that line of thinking at this stage in life, there's still a happy feeling in the pit of my stomach that we created something together. And it's so much more fun than if I had colored it in myself.


My Week in Sketches

7:40 AM

Man, when little kids get really excited to serve you beverages...everybody wins.
This is sort of an awkward's me hole-punching stuff while I watch TV. Once a year, I have to hole-punch zillions of copies, so I try to do it in front of the TV as much as possible. 
 This is a picture of me, mid-heat-stroke. I forgot how hot it gets in the summer. I was miserable all day. How long until winter?!
 I babysat my friends' kids last week, and the highlight was building forts with them. It was their idea, only they refer to it as a game called "Cushions."
Since I work at a summer camp, summer is a very, very busy time for us! Sometimes it means carrying lots of boxes in the dreaded heat. 
 Like I said, everything's really busy right now, and as much as I like my job - I was super stressed out last Tuesday. And I had to work late, so by the time I headed home I was exhausted and starving, and I didn't have any groceries at home, so I got a burrito for dinner...Upon arriving home, my roommate dutifully listened to me as I verbally unloaded all the stress of my day, which ended with me lamenting about how even my burrito was wrong. Not my finest hour.
P.S. Yes, Mom, I have since purchased groceries.
This is me getting a pep talk from my coworker. Work is busy busy busy right now and sometimes I just need a slight kick in the pants.
Summer camp season is the best, though, once we get rolling. It's a ton of fun to plan, but this planning week is the one week a year where I lose my mind little bit. And hey, I made it! Now it's nothing but berrypicking and campers and swimming and sunshine. And work. There's some work in there, too.

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