My Week in Sketches

7:41 AM

This is me drawing stuff on a Magna Doodle with my friend. Sometimes it's hard to explain the nonsense that's actually taking place in these drawings...she was coming up with what I should draw, and I was doing the doodling.

At work I'm designing some large wooden signs (that I'll show you eventually) and it's always a little comical as I traipse through the office with them. 

At my parents' house this weekend, I repainted my childhood bathroom. The bunny rabbit tile is still there...but the walls got a nice facelift.

I was happy to be able to celebrate my wonderful mom on Mother's Day!

...And sometimes my mom sends me home with a cooler full of groceries. This is one of many reasons why I think she's fabulous.

My second roommate returned home after a two-week vacation. The three of us are together so rarely, it's always a joy when we can spend an evening together.

I work in the mountains, and sometimes we see bears running around our office. I still get excited about it every time I see one!

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