My Week in Sketches

7:51 AM

Last Thursday I got to meet my friends' new baby for the first time! Such a cute little chunk!

This is me drowning in a sea of letters that I had to mail out at work last Friday (okay, maybe this is a slight exaggeration...) And I accidentally drew crazyarms. 

Shopping trip with Mom. Love love love.

Lunch with one of my best friends...always a must when I'm in my hometown.

We went out to dinner for my dad's birthday, and everyone got a free slice of pie. Really, it's just a way for my dad to get three slices of pie. We order them to go and he eats them later. It's a bit of a family tradition. 

Worked on my first spray paint project in a long time! I've missed the feeling of a paint can in my hand...

It was worth acquiring the taste of coffee just to have an excuse to have coffee breaks with my coworkers.

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  1. always love to make the blog :)

  2. My Favorite part of our sketch should probably be Caleb, but I can't get over how you draw Collin. LOVE!!!!

    1. Your boys are so adorable. Always fun subjects to draw!


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