Hand Lettering

7:44 AM

I've been practicing my hand-lettering. I'd like to be a better hand-letterer. 
It seems to be getting "trendier" these days, and I notice beautiful, flowy phrases written out on shirts and chalkboards and advertisements wherever I look. So I wanted to play. I just started drawing out whatever letters I felt like, and then once I had an "H" drawn, I'd be like "What word starts with H?" Oh, Han does. Next I'll draw Leia. J is for James and B is for Bond. And so on. I of course had to throw a few Annies in there as well. And I drew most of these while I was watching Tuesday's episode of "New Girl," which is why "Schmidt" was the name that came to mind starting with S. That show deserves its own drawing, it made me laugh so hard this week.

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