Adventures with Addie

7:58 AM

A little friend of mine named Addie turns six this Friday. It's a fun thing to know your friends' kids since the day they were born and watch them slowly grow up...I suppose it's even more fun with your own kids, but this is kind of a neat prequel to that. In recent months, Addie has been particularly interested in drawing and coloring, which is of course something I want to encourage as much as possible. So I thought about getting her a coloring book for her birthday...but then I decided to make one instead. I printed out all the sketches I've drawn with Addie in them (since I lived with her family for several years, my sketch journal has Addie pictures aplenty) and I bound them together into a book. I like the idea of my drawings covered with her haphazard crayon coloring, like we made a piece of art together.

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