My Week in Sketches

7:43 AM

Playing a card game with friends. We laughed a lot that night, like pretty much every night we're together.

Celebrating my little friend's sixth birthday. She received a chinese fan as a gift and loved it, and spent the rest of the day making eyes at everyone coyly from behind the fan. Also, I couldn't not draw her sister, who was wearing a superhero cape all afternoon.

I watched an old movie called "The Court Jester" with a friend last weekend, and was pleasantly surprised by how funny it was.

 Got to celebrate a friend's birthday at Lake Arrowhead, which is one of my favorite places to be! But I don't know why I drew this like I'm winking at the scenery.

Memorial Day BBQ! One of the guests was a giant dog named Boscoe who thinks he's a lapdog. He really likes to crush my legs snuggle.

Sometimes my roommates come home to find me in the middle of a big art project in the middle of the living room. It's become a very normal occurrence.

Working on more art projects for summer camp! It's right around the corner, I can hardly wait!


Her Majesty's Secret Service Pt.2

7:48 AM

This is an updated version of the lettering I posted earlier this week - I've still been retooling it and editing it to my liking. Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out, especially since this sort of thing does not come easily to me. To prove it, I included some of the original sketches, where I tried again and again to figure out where I wanted the letters and swirls. Trial and error...And then, at long last, hopefully, a half-decent final product!

Weekly Visual

7:59 AM

I'm a visual learner. I tend to remember things visually. Maybe that shouldn't come as a surprise, since art is such a visual medium, but sometimes I still have to stop and laugh at the way I visualize things. Take the days of the week, for example. For as long as I can remember, whenever I'm thinking through my schedule, the days of the week appear before me. But Saturday is off to my right, and Sunday is behind me. It's so silly. And when I'm thinking through my weekend schedule, it's like I rotate to look at Sunday, but then I can't see Wednesday any more. And then there's Thursday, which has become my favorite day of the week because my friends and I hang out on Thursday nights. So Thursday is just a little more defined than the others. To me, the weirdest part of all this is that when I'm trying to plan something that's Sunday to Monday, there's this odd gap between them. There's so much distance in between Sunday and Monday, and I have a hard time picturing it. Anyway, these are probably the odd parts of my brain's functioning that I should probably keep to myself, but I thought it would be fun to draw it out.

Adventures with Addie

7:58 AM

A little friend of mine named Addie turns six this Friday. It's a fun thing to know your friends' kids since the day they were born and watch them slowly grow up...I suppose it's even more fun with your own kids, but this is kind of a neat prequel to that. In recent months, Addie has been particularly interested in drawing and coloring, which is of course something I want to encourage as much as possible. So I thought about getting her a coloring book for her birthday...but then I decided to make one instead. I printed out all the sketches I've drawn with Addie in them (since I lived with her family for several years, my sketch journal has Addie pictures aplenty) and I bound them together into a book. I like the idea of my drawings covered with her haphazard crayon coloring, like we made a piece of art together.


On Her Majesty's Secret Service

7:59 AM

Happy Memorial Day! I'm celebrating with this hand-lettered design!
Just kidding, I'm celebrating with a BBQ like everyone else. 
But until then, here's a James-Bond-inspired piece of work that I did this weekend.


My Week in Sketches

7:49 AM

Awww...last week my friends and I watched the final episode of The Office, which I'm sad to see go. By now, I feel like Jim and Pam are good friends of mine, and I'll miss seeing their weekly antics.

 I went over to my friends' house for dinner and a movie...We watched the Mickey Mouse animated version of "The Three Musketeers." This is the kind of movie you watch when your friends have kids.

 I took a book up to a hilltop and read until the sun went down. It was great. It's the kind of thing I wish I did more often.

And then the next day, I went to a church service that had us all walk up a nearby hill to sing worship songs together. It was kind of funny to be up on a beautiful hillside two days in a row, when I don't normally spend a lot of time on hilltops.   

I saw Iron Man with my roommates this week, and I had a good time answering all their in-depth superhero questions. I was like a translator for nerd-speak.

Celebrating my friend's impending child at a very snazzy baby shower.  

Last week, about eight of my coworkers and I got locked out of our office. We searched and searched for open windows or unlocked doors, but there was no way in...until, using a stick, I was just barely able to unlatch one of the window screens and climb up into the window. I got to yell victoriously "I'm in!" like I had just broken into a bank or something important.


New Girl

7:55 AM

Ahhh, New Girl. I admit, it took me a little while to warm up to this show. Which now seems ludicrous. I blame the movie "Elf." Because that is when I began not loving Zooey Deschanel. And then she was in "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey, another movie that cast her as the love interest of someone twice her age. So I was in the minority of the nation that wasn't in love with Zooey Deschanel. Then I heard she had a TV show, and I think I secretly wanted to think it was dumb. Maybe it hadn't quite hit its stride in the beginning...but now?...Oh man, I just laugh out loud the whole time I'm watching it. I've watched the season finale four times since it aired. I know the jokes are coming, and I'm still giggling. So Schmidt, Winston, Nick...and yes, even Zooey Deschanel...this one's for you. Thanks for making me laugh all season. You make me believe that having three boy roommates could actually be that fun.

Baby Knots

7:59 AM

 Last night my friends and I gathered to celebrate the impending birth of my friend's future baby boy. I'm so excited for this little guy! I'm excited for his sisters to have a little brother. I'm excited for his mom to have a third subject for Halloween costumes and crafting. But perhaps more than anything, I'm excited for his dad to have a little boy to do boy scout things. I think that part's pretty great. He's going to learn how to start fires and build forts and tie knots...I decorated this little mirror in honor of that: the many knot-tying years to come! It's maybe the most unusual, least baby-y baby shower gift I've ever given at a baby shower...but hey, I like being unique.


What You Laugh At

7:45 AM

This is a quote from the lovely Tina Fey, whose words I take to heart. I know it's not a particularly deep or insightful quote, but it still grabbed me when I read it. Because I've always thought this, and I'm always secretly keeping tabs on who's laughing at what - part of it is just to see who laughs at what I laugh at, to know who my "kindred spirits" are...but yeah, deep down, I also think it represents a certain amount of intelligence, or lack thereof (I'm talking to you, watchers of Two and a Half Men!) I think I rank somewhere in the upper-middle, since I love Arrested Development and 30 Rock, but I never quite "get" The Daily Show or the British version of the Office. 

I'm still working on hand-lettering and I didn't know what to write, so I chose the first Tina Fey quote I could find and practiced writing it out. I like the second one better, which encourages me that I might actually be learning something, and getting better as I go. I found it amusing writing this out so elegantly, like it should go on a shirt or something, when it's such an ordinary quote. 

Planked and Painted

7:39 AM

 This was such a fun project! My friend asked me to create a wooden sign with this "F" on it, which is the logo for Fellowship Monrovia, the church where he works. I posted Part I about a month ago, when I had only finished the wooden part. After nailing all the planks together, I painted on the "F", attached a wire on the back to hang it, and then it was good to go!

And I also get a kick out of looking back at this image:
This was a mock-up I made and sent to my friend to make sure we were envisioning the same thing, and that this was what he wanted. And then I'm so relieved when the real thing turns out looking like the mock-up...It's such a relief!


My Week in Sketches

7:41 AM

This is me drawing stuff on a Magna Doodle with my friend. Sometimes it's hard to explain the nonsense that's actually taking place in these drawings...she was coming up with what I should draw, and I was doing the doodling.

At work I'm designing some large wooden signs (that I'll show you eventually) and it's always a little comical as I traipse through the office with them. 

At my parents' house this weekend, I repainted my childhood bathroom. The bunny rabbit tile is still there...but the walls got a nice facelift.

I was happy to be able to celebrate my wonderful mom on Mother's Day!

...And sometimes my mom sends me home with a cooler full of groceries. This is one of many reasons why I think she's fabulous.

My second roommate returned home after a two-week vacation. The three of us are together so rarely, it's always a joy when we can spend an evening together.

I work in the mountains, and sometimes we see bears running around our office. I still get excited about it every time I see one!

Hand Lettering

7:44 AM

I've been practicing my hand-lettering. I'd like to be a better hand-letterer. 
It seems to be getting "trendier" these days, and I notice beautiful, flowy phrases written out on shirts and chalkboards and advertisements wherever I look. So I wanted to play. I just started drawing out whatever letters I felt like, and then once I had an "H" drawn, I'd be like "What word starts with H?" Oh, Han does. Next I'll draw Leia. J is for James and B is for Bond. And so on. I of course had to throw a few Annies in there as well. And I drew most of these while I was watching Tuesday's episode of "New Girl," which is why "Schmidt" was the name that came to mind starting with S. That show deserves its own drawing, it made me laugh so hard this week.

They Grow Up So Fast...

7:58 AM

I was going through my old desk drawers in my room at my parents' house, and I found a small green memo pad that I haven't touched in years. I opened it up to find the beginning of a cartoon I drew when I was about ten years old. I was trying to figure out how to animate. It's so bad, it's good. I took pictures of each page and put them together so you can get the full effect:

I'm happy to say my drawing skills have improved some since then...
But sadly, my animation skills are at about the same level.


7:42 AM

This is a quote by Joss Whedon, which has now become one of my favorite quotes. I probably should have included his name in the word-drawing, but that didn't occur to me until just now...It actually really bugs me that you can never find quotes without  the quoter listed beneath it. If I'm going to buy a journal or something with some great inspirational quote on the front, I want that to be all that's on the front - I don't need the name of the quoter on there, too. Somehow I feel like that ruins it. But, you know, I don't support copyright infringement or whatever, so I guess we can continue to give quoters credit.

Joss Whedon is the creator of the TV shows "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Angel", and  "Firefly," and he was the director of the movie "The Avengers." I love this guy. I love this quote from him, because it reminds me never to let myself get bored. There is always something to create, something to build, something to begin. Cook, craft, crochet, whatever. Make!

Doodle Day

7:59 AM

This is the latest page of doodles out of my sketchbook. I'm particularly fond of the dude with the mustache in the center. And yes, I enjoyed drawing the "Life is ruff" puppy in the upper right. I'm still marveling at how many women these days wear tights or leggings as pants, without a dress or skirt over them. So yes, I guess you could say I'm still trying to figure out if "tights = pants". But my favorite of the doodles are the sketches at the bottom of my mom and dad...appropriately timed as yesterday was Mother's Day and tomorrow is my mom's birthday! Love, love, love. 


My Week in Sketches

7:35 AM

My friends are so funny. They're really funny. Witty-funny. Last Thursday we just sat around talking and laughing for hours and I was just so happy.
On Friday I spent my entire workday in a woodshop cutting big shapes out of plywood. I felt really accomplished at the end of the day, but I couldn't hold a pen in my hand for two days after that because my hand was so sore.
On Saturday night, I went over to a friend's house and showed her pictures of my Spain trip.
This is me going for a walk in my neighborhood, which I don't do often enough.
Back in the woodshop (when did my life suddenly become like 30% woodworking?!) sanding/painting some wooden stars. I can hardly wait to show you the finished project.
Dinner with a (very pregnant!) friend. Excited to see her through this phase of life.
My roommate was out of town for four days, so we were eager to catch up after she returned (she filled me in on her recent adventures, and I told her about all my woodworking projects.)


Not All Conversation Topics Are Created Equal

7:47 AM

Here's how I know I'm not quite a grown-up:
I could talk for hours about superheroes and superpowers and the pros and cons of having different superhuman abilities, but I can't hold a conversation about politics for, like, ten seconds. It's not that I don't care, but I just can't pretend I'm interested when I'm not. And politics do not interest me. Unless we're talking about the mayor of Gotham City, or when Beast becomes Secretary of Mutant Affairs in X-Men 3. Then you have my attention.


Retail Fail

7:49 AM

This is a personal pet peeve of mine. Maybe I'm being too harsh. I'm not angry or anything, it's just a pet peeve. I really dislike it when store clerks ask me as I'm checking out if I "was able to find everything I was looking for." It happens all the time. It bugs me because I don't like the outcomes of any answer. Either I say yes, I found everything just fine (and half the time I'm lying), or I say no, I wasn't able to find everything. In which case, the clerk will ask what you couldn't find and they'll either tell you that they don't carry that item, or they'll tell you right where it is on aisle 37. That's the worst outcome in my opinion, because it means either I leave the store knowing full well that I'm leaving my sought-after item behind, or it means I have to leave the line to go look for it, or it means I'm holding up the line while the clerk gets someone to bring it up. And one thing I do take seriously is holding up store lines. Like, I start breaking out in a nervous sweat if I unnecessarily hold up store lines for more than 10 seconds. Aaaaanyway, I guess my point is - once I'm in the checkout line, I'm on my way out. I've passed the point of no return. If I couldn't find something, that ship has sailed. So no, I didn't find everything I was looking for today...but there's no turning back.

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