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One of the highlights of my recent trip to Spain was visiting the Alhambra, an incredible ancient palace in Granada. (Okay, maybe I don't know the exact definition of the word "ancient," but it's way more ancient than anything in America.) I enjoyed the Alhambra tour for many reasons (I'm happy in anything remotely resembling a castle!) but one thing that really stuck out to me were the patterns on the walls. The Alhambra is full of beautiful tiled patterns and carvings alllllll over the place. It was so cool to see! Here are a few examples:

One thing I learned on the tour that I found particularly interesting, was that M.C. Escher (one of my favorite artists!) actually visited the Alhambra, and that was a big part of his inspiration to create a lot of his tessellation artwork. Tessellations are interlocking repeating patterns like these:
 I've always been really fascinated by tessellations, and I've always wanted to try creating some of my own...I just never really got around to it. (That's totally normal, right? I mean, everyone has "Create some cool tessellations" on their bucket list?) So while I was touring around Spain, if my friend and I ever had any down time, you could find me hunched over my sketchbook trying to figure out how tessellations work. It's a little nerdy, but I had a lot of fun with it. Buckle up. It's Tessellation Week!

Today I leave you with my tessellation brainstorming sketches. I was determined to come up with a pig tessellation design in honor of Spain, where everything is served with some kind of pork. We'll get into it more tomorrow!

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  1. fascinating and beautiful - even pigs! porkmom


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