7:45 AM

 Look! Doggies everywhere! This is a tessellation made up of dogs, obviously. They're kind of oddly-shaped dogs, with giant feet and little hindquarters, but I like 'em. I also included the non-colored version here because I think I might like it more. It's like when all the dogs are white, the repeated pattern seems like it's being repeated more precisely or infinitely, or something like that.  

And not that anyone is dying to run out and create their own dog tessellations, but here's how you make a basic tessellation, if you were curious. You know, for educational purposes or something. I started with a paper hexagon and cut a shape out of it. For example, I cut out the green spot above the dog and then taped it to the bottom, which became toes. I cut out the yellow part beneath the hind legs and taped it to the head. After all three cuts 'n tapes, I had an odd-looking shape that I made into a few dozen dogs! 

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