My Week in Sketches

7:44 AM

Oh man, last week was SO fun. Definitely one worth sketch-commemorating.
My roommates and I (who rarely ever get to hang out due to conflicting schedules) took a trip together to Park City, Utah. It was amazing. And since it was the off-season, we were the only three guests staying at our hotel.
We barely left the room on the first day (the focal point of this trip was rest and relaxation!) We cooked dinner together and watched movies and played board games. 
 Then we went sledding! But since there weren't any sled rentals available (off-season), we bought $3 inflatable pool rafts at Wal-Mart instead. They worked so well! It exceeded our expectations by a long shot. We sledded all afternoon.
We had another low-key day after that, mainly just strolling through shops in town and going for walks...before retreating back to the hotel's jacuzzi and more board games. 
 This day was INCREDIBLE. We went snowmobiling, which I've never done before, and it was so, so fun. We were the only three riders on the mountain that day (again, there's something to be said about traveling in the off season...) so we had the trails all to ourselves.
And finally, it was time to head back home.
(It was a running joke that we spent so much time in our hotel robes. )
Aaaaaaaand back to reality. Had a lot of meetings at work that day. 
 Ending on a not-super-exciting note...I rearranged the art on the wall in my room!
Yeah! Really interesting, right? Glad I shared this with you.

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