My Week in Sketches

7:45 AM

Last week was exciting for me at work because we recently filled some key positions in my department, so I have coworkers again! 

My room was a disaster zone for a solid ten days after my return from Spain. It's like I didn't have a free second to clean anything up! I finallllly got around to it.

Last weekend I helped my friends install hardwood floors into their house! One friend's job was sorting the wood planks, and she gave them silly nicknames. I accidentally made it look like I'm a giant and my friends are teeny tiny - This was not a real-life-gulliver's-travels situation, just bad drawing.

On Sunday I went to church with several friends that I used to work with at summer camp, and the pastor preaching was our old boss. He told a few stories from our years at camp, and it just made me happy that we all still know each other after so many years.

My roommates and I are on vacation! This is us rejoicing in anticipation like we did every day this week.

This week at work our department meeting was a little chaotic, with people conference-calling in and video-chatting, and it just made me so happy to have a little bit of chaos back in our routine. It's been too quiet in these offices, I tell ya'...but not anymore!

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  1. I promise to make the office not quiet


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