My Week (and a few extra days) in Sketches

7:53 AM

 My friends and I went out to celebrate our last night together in Spain. It was actually one of my favorite spanish meals we had on the whole trip, so it felt appropriate as our celebratory dinner.

Then I spent 30 hours travelling home. I'd caught a cold the day before, and then my nose wouldn't stop running on the plane rides. It was a looooooooooooooooong day. 

I know it probably seems like I'm romanticizing things a little here...but children really did come running with open arms when I returned from Spain. All my friends' kiddos are gems. They make me feel like Maria when she comes back from the abbey and all the Von Trapp kids run to hug her.

 My roommates and I finally got to see each other and catch up, though I was still pretty exhausted at the time. That's why I drew myself sort of lying lifeless on the table.

And my cold, which had gotten better for a few days, came back in full force - so I went to the best place to go when I'm sick...Mom and Dad's house. They take good care of me.

And it was nice to have a chance to go through all of my Spain photos and stories with my parents...

My parents even got me a pint of Ben & Jerry's Liz Lemon Greek frozen yogurt...They know me so well!

 I babysat my friends' little girls this week, one of whom made a "Welcome Annie" sign that I assumed she made for me...until she informed me that she wanted to keep it for in case anyone else named Annie shows up in the future. This was silly because I'm the only Annie she knows.

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