Everything is New

7:49 AM

Last month when I visited Spain, I couldn't help but notice how everything was new to me. The buildings, the customs, the people, the food, the language...the list goes on. This was my first trip abroad, so I was especially aware of how nothing felt familiar. Nothing felt normal. And it was a unique kind of thrilling feeling to be engaged in all-new activities all day long for a substantial amount of time. I kept thinking, "Everything is new! Everything is new!" And yet, as I continued to explore Spain, I was also noticing that everything was so old. I'd never seen buildings half as old as some of the structures I saw in Spain. It felt like a funny juxtaposition - everything was so new, in a place where everything was so, so old. I drew this to represent that juxtaposition: an old stone wall covered in fresh, green vines...something ancient covered in something  new.

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