7:47 AM

This is my latest creation! It's not finished yet. This is part one, but I love it so much that I think it's worth its own post. Yeah, it's just planks of wood nailed together. But I think it's beautiful.

I just used planks from some old pallets, and I love the idea that they have a "new life" as artwork.

This is what it looked like as I first pieced them together (it was like a really fun puzzle.) This was before I stained them, and I sawed off all the uneven edges.

 After staining them and letting them dry, I started hammering them into place! It was so fun watching it come together. I'm excited to finish this project soon!

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  1. Why doesn't your father have any of those do-it-yourself kind of skills?
    Ventura Dad

    1. What you lack in carpentry skills, you make up for in computer skills, Rummikub gameplay, and music appreciation.


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