My Week in Sketches

7:34 AM

Oh man, my friends are so funny. I know I won't do them justice trying to explain what this drawing is...We were playing a game that we've always heard referred to as "Mexican," and you're supposed to shout out "Mexican" when you roll certain numbers on the dice - but we agreed we'd rather not have the game named after a racial group, so we just kept yelling out random inside jokes instead. It was just so, so funny.
It snowed a ton on Friday, and I ended up spending my lunch break in my car, just watching the snow fall. It was a lot cooler than it sounds. 
 Last weekend I started building this guy.
 Um...No explanation needed:
 Good dinner with a good friend.
My roommates and I hardly ever see each other, and this week when we were FINALLY hanging out, one of my roomies fell asleep almost immediately. 
 And this is me working on Part II of the wooden plank project I started. I set it up in my living room on a makeshift easel so I could watch "Once Upon a Time" while I painted. I'm sure this is totally how Picasso worked, too.

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