My Week in Sketches

7:45 AM

My friends and I played a sort-of-home-made game similar to "Apples to Apples," only with funnier cards. We laughed a lot.

 My mind exploded as I realized that my new boss was also my cotillion teacher 20 YEARS AGO. This is amazing to me on so many levels. "Cotillion" is that thing where kids learn ballroom dancing and etiquette and yes, this guy taught me how to foxtrot when I was ten. I still can't believe it.

Not to throw my roommate under the bus or anything, but she made us watch "Burlesque" one night. It's a pretty dumb movie. I did arts and crafts while it was on so I didn't have to look directly at Cher.

I finally got to meet my roommate's boyfriend after 8 months of watching them skype together while he was in Afghanistan...

Everything about this sketch is awkward...and my friend isn't that pregnant yet, I just accidentally drew her like she's ready to burst. But seriously, when did I become one of those people that has to touch the pregnant belly?!

A bunch of us went out to dinner and then saw the musical "Wicked" for my roomie's birthday. Dinner ran a little late, and we were starting to get nervous about missing the beginning of the the second the bill came, everyone was sprinting to their cars in a panic, to the point that we almost left someone behind. I take pride in being the friend that doesn't leave you stranded in the restroom while we run off to Wicked.

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  1. I check your blog religiously... i just LOVE it! Remember that little green book of drawings that you made (forever ago)? I still have one and i LOVE it! Just thought you should know that you are my new obsession... creepy? totally :)

    1. Breaker, it's so good to hear from you! Thanks for the encouragement. I'm happy to be your creepy obsession any time.


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