My (Partial) Week in Sketches

7:35 AM

 I'm in Spain for two weeks! I flew out on Wednesday. Very exciting.
So here's what happened in the first half of my week, before I got on a plane and stopped caring about blogging.
 My best friend flew down from Idaho and we picked her up at the airport, kicking off a weekend of fun together.
 My mom and I watched the movie "Baby Boom" together, which is one of her favorite movies. We quoted all our favorite lines together.
My friends and I stayed up late talking like we always used to, curled up in blankets and talking about life (and boys.)
 My friends and I went out to celebrate the end of our weekend together...and while I managed to stick to the healthy eating regimen I've been implementing lately, I didn't enjoy it one bit.
 And I got all packed for Spain! I was stubborn and determined to fit everything into a teeny-tiny suitcase for easy mobility. (This may result in me wearing the same three outfits for the entire trip.)

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