My College Doodles: Part 3

7:53 AM

This was a day that I was in class and really, really mad that the medicine I'd taken to help with my cold wasn't working. So, logically, I'm punching a giant bottle of painkillers. That'll show 'em. The other thing I love about this page is that, when I overheard a classmate pronouncing a word wrong, I'd write it down, like I was dying to correct them...but instead I just wrote down how I wished I could correct them. Seriously, when people pronounce "both" like there's an "l" in the middle, I can't handle it. I think it was one kid in particular who was the main offender. He would also say "I sawl it" instead of "I saw it". I realize this may seem minor, but when you're in class with these yahoos day after day after day...I just stuck to my doodling and tried to tune them out as best I could.

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