My College Doodles: Part 1

7:38 AM

Soooo...I'm in Spain right now! Yup. I'm abroad. Travelling it up.
So the next two weeks of bloggin' might look a little different, since I'm not able to daily-blog while I'm frolicking around Spain. So instead of posting new stuff I'm working on, I'm going to post some old stuff. I'm going to show you some of the pages from my college notebooks. I like my college notebooks because they're really about 90% doodles and 10% notes. I scanned them a while back because I'm fond of them. I'm going to share them with you.

I remember the day I drew this page. It was in art history class and I was so, so bored from all the slides we were being shown that I drew myself running out of the classroom yelling "No more slides!" as a coping mechanism. Also, there's a horse smoking a pipe.

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