My College Doodles: Part 5

7:44 AM

These doodles are from the inside of my college notebook sketchbook, and they clearly serve three distinct purposes: To figure out the layout of my new apartment, to figure out which superpowers/superoutfits my friends and I should have, and to draw a one-armed man with a cigarette finger. Together, these doodles make quite a team.
("My Week in Sketches" will return next week when I'm back from vacation!)


My College Doodles: Part 4

7:42 AM

More random doodles...many of which are characters from the Wizard of Oz. This was 2004 and I had just discovered the "Wicked" soundtrack for the first time...


My College Doodles: Part 3

7:53 AM

This was a day that I was in class and really, really mad that the medicine I'd taken to help with my cold wasn't working. So, logically, I'm punching a giant bottle of painkillers. That'll show 'em. The other thing I love about this page is that, when I overheard a classmate pronouncing a word wrong, I'd write it down, like I was dying to correct them...but instead I just wrote down how I wished I could correct them. Seriously, when people pronounce "both" like there's an "l" in the middle, I can't handle it. I think it was one kid in particular who was the main offender. He would also say "I sawl it" instead of "I saw it". I realize this may seem minor, but when you're in class with these yahoos day after day after day...I just stuck to my doodling and tried to tune them out as best I could.


My College Doodles: Part 2

7:49 AM

Here's another page out of my college notebook. As always, I love that this page has so few actual notes on it. And for some reason, I felt the reason to write out the phrase "Hottie Pa-tottie," which is really putting my college education to good work.


My College Doodles: Part 1

7:38 AM

Soooo...I'm in Spain right now! Yup. I'm abroad. Travelling it up.
So the next two weeks of bloggin' might look a little different, since I'm not able to daily-blog while I'm frolicking around Spain. So instead of posting new stuff I'm working on, I'm going to post some old stuff. I'm going to show you some of the pages from my college notebooks. I like my college notebooks because they're really about 90% doodles and 10% notes. I scanned them a while back because I'm fond of them. I'm going to share them with you.

I remember the day I drew this page. It was in art history class and I was so, so bored from all the slides we were being shown that I drew myself running out of the classroom yelling "No more slides!" as a coping mechanism. Also, there's a horse smoking a pipe.


My (Partial) Week in Sketches

7:35 AM

 I'm in Spain for two weeks! I flew out on Wednesday. Very exciting.
So here's what happened in the first half of my week, before I got on a plane and stopped caring about blogging.
 My best friend flew down from Idaho and we picked her up at the airport, kicking off a weekend of fun together.
 My mom and I watched the movie "Baby Boom" together, which is one of her favorite movies. We quoted all our favorite lines together.
My friends and I stayed up late talking like we always used to, curled up in blankets and talking about life (and boys.)
 My friends and I went out to celebrate the end of our weekend together...and while I managed to stick to the healthy eating regimen I've been implementing lately, I didn't enjoy it one bit.
 And I got all packed for Spain! I was stubborn and determined to fit everything into a teeny-tiny suitcase for easy mobility. (This may result in me wearing the same three outfits for the entire trip.)


No Girls Allowed!

7:40 AM

This week I got a chance to celebrate my friend Heather, who's going to be having a little boy soon. It will be her second boy, and I'm so looking forward to meeting him. He and his brother are going to get into so much mischief together, I can hardly wait! They'll go adventuring and build things and make up stories and play trucks and soccer and legos...and I hope that maybe someday there's even a treehouse involved. 


Angry Dude

7:53 AM

Just sketchin'. This is the end result. Some angry dude. Of course...ever since I typed that blog post title, all I can think of is the game "Angry Birds," but with dudes. Like, guys flying all over the place in a giant slingshot. I think that would sell, right?!

Wooden Idaho

7:51 AM

This is the latest creation that's come out of my woodshop/garage! (Sorry my blog of late has become such a place for carpentry connoisseurs rather than the typical cartoony stuff...but hey, this is what I've been working on!) My parents gave me their old jigsaw a few months ago and I've been loving it! I had no idea I loved woodworking this much. I didn't know how accurate I'd be able to cut out a little Idaho (my best friend lives there, hence the Idaho lovin') but I think it turned out pretty good! 


My Week in Sketches

7:34 AM

Oh man, my friends are so funny. I know I won't do them justice trying to explain what this drawing is...We were playing a game that we've always heard referred to as "Mexican," and you're supposed to shout out "Mexican" when you roll certain numbers on the dice - but we agreed we'd rather not have the game named after a racial group, so we just kept yelling out random inside jokes instead. It was just so, so funny.
It snowed a ton on Friday, and I ended up spending my lunch break in my car, just watching the snow fall. It was a lot cooler than it sounds. 
 Last weekend I started building this guy.
 Um...No explanation needed:
 Good dinner with a good friend.
My roommates and I hardly ever see each other, and this week when we were FINALLY hanging out, one of my roomies fell asleep almost immediately. 
 And this is me working on Part II of the wooden plank project I started. I set it up in my living room on a makeshift easel so I could watch "Once Upon a Time" while I painted. I'm sure this is totally how Picasso worked, too.

Les Falls

7:49 AM

This drawing makes me giggle. I was looking through some old artwork the other day, and I found this lying around with it...I think it's so funny - a Les Paul guitar morphing into a waterfall. I mean, why wouldn't I think to draw that?!


Check Yo'Self

7:44 AM

This was what I doodled while I was on the phone today. The guy is sort of my standard go-to doodle, and it made me realize that I haven't really just doodled in a while. I draw things all the time, but it's rarely just doodling any more. I decided to doodle more often. I miss doodling. And we'll end up with more gems like this guy.


7:47 AM

This is my latest creation! It's not finished yet. This is part one, but I love it so much that I think it's worth its own post. Yeah, it's just planks of wood nailed together. But I think it's beautiful.

I just used planks from some old pallets, and I love the idea that they have a "new life" as artwork.

This is what it looked like as I first pieced them together (it was like a really fun puzzle.) This was before I stained them, and I sawed off all the uneven edges.

 After staining them and letting them dry, I started hammering them into place! It was so fun watching it come together. I'm excited to finish this project soon!


Hipster Baby

7:56 AM

I think I've got babies on the brain...Three of my friends are pregnant with boys right now! And I know they'll all be cool little dudes. After knowing about them for so many months, sometimes I feel like I already know the little tykes. And since all their dads wear glasses, this seemed like an appropriate generic drawing of the three boy fetuses (fetii?)


My Week in Sketches

7:53 AM

An illustrated look at my week:

Oh man, this is my favorite thing. One of my friends' kids is just in love with me right now. I know it's a phase, but it's just the best phase ever and I'm cherishing it.

Last Friday was my final day of working with one of my favorite coworkers. We had a nice farewell lunch and reminisced about lots of good times. 

Girls' night out with my mom at Panera Bread, our favorite spot!

 And then on Sunday I had to get her all caught up so we could watch "Once Upon A Time" together. Explaining that show's plotline, as a grown adult, is something you should only try with people who really love you.

Playing a kids game called "Sleeping Queens" with my friend and her niece. There was a surprisingly high amount of trash talk.

 Gosh, on Tuesday night, my dad and I stumbled on a show called "The Man with the 200-pound Tumor." It's exactly what it sounds like. We couldn't look away.

 Aaaand back at work...I'm rummaging through a (clean) dumpster looking for future art projects. Typical.

Another Cartoon Family

7:32 AM

Here's another cartoony family portrait I worked on recently for some friends.
I had no idea when I posted this artwork two years ago that it would become such a mainstay of my art inventory! But I like 'em. They're fun to do.

Mug O' Memories

7:43 AM

 The latest fun project I've been working on:


 As we said goodbye to one of my coworkers last week, we wanted to give him a fun going-away gift that embodied the light-hearted, silly side of working with him. So we decided a fun idea would be to make him a travel mug that featured little cartoons of him saying some of his classic catchphrases. Or, like, when he would pretend to be a bowhunter. Or try to get us to build a "Thunderdome." I'm going to miss that guy.


Guest of Honor

7:52 AM

I saw these little guys in a magazine the other day:
They're little name placeholders that look like tree stumps, and I decided I wanted some of my own! It's completely impractical, since I've never hosted a meal with name placeholders in my life, but I couldn't stop thinking about them. I got some clay and started stump-making:

I think they're pretty cute! I decided I wanted mine to be white instead of black.
When I was a kid and my parents were teaching me manners, my mom would always talk about the hypothetical situation of having Barbara Bush over for dinner. It's as if she wanted to say to me "Would you put your elbows on the table if the queen was coming to dinner?" But since America has no queen, it was always Barbara Bush (who was the first lady at the time.) She would point out whenever my manners weren't rising to the Barbara-Bush-standard. So as I was deciding what name I should write on my fake-name-card mini-photo-shoot, Barbara seemed like an obvious choice. You never know when Barbara's going to drop by...but I'll be ready! And she'll just love my little tree stumps, I'm sure.


7:51 AM

I just love these little guys! I've been trying to get better at drawing children lately, and I've decided that this is as good as it's going to get. These are the cutest little kids I could ever imagine. I originally drew it as one kid from two different angles...but now I'm going to pretend it's identical twins. I will name them Elliott and Oliver. They make me want to illustrate children's books, just so that I have an excuse to draw these two getting into mischief together.


My Week in Sketches

7:45 AM

My friends and I played a sort-of-home-made game similar to "Apples to Apples," only with funnier cards. We laughed a lot.

 My mind exploded as I realized that my new boss was also my cotillion teacher 20 YEARS AGO. This is amazing to me on so many levels. "Cotillion" is that thing where kids learn ballroom dancing and etiquette and yes, this guy taught me how to foxtrot when I was ten. I still can't believe it.

Not to throw my roommate under the bus or anything, but she made us watch "Burlesque" one night. It's a pretty dumb movie. I did arts and crafts while it was on so I didn't have to look directly at Cher.

I finally got to meet my roommate's boyfriend after 8 months of watching them skype together while he was in Afghanistan...

Everything about this sketch is awkward...and my friend isn't that pregnant yet, I just accidentally drew her like she's ready to burst. But seriously, when did I become one of those people that has to touch the pregnant belly?!

A bunch of us went out to dinner and then saw the musical "Wicked" for my roomie's birthday. Dinner ran a little late, and we were starting to get nervous about missing the beginning of the the second the bill came, everyone was sprinting to their cars in a panic, to the point that we almost left someone behind. I take pride in being the friend that doesn't leave you stranded in the restroom while we run off to Wicked.

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