Work in Progress

7:45 AM

This is a new idea I'm excited to follow through with - I decided I wanted to paint a ship in a bottle, but the "bottle" part is going to be made out wood. I cut out a vague "bottle" shape, then sanded it down and stained it...and after all that, I finally have my blank canvas ready to go! But then I hesitated, because I can't decide if I really want to paint a ship in a bottle, or if it would be artsier to draw a city in a bottle, or a forest in a bottle. Those are the three I'm deciding between. And I'm not sure the whole "in-a-bottle" concept is even going to be clear when I'm done with it. This whole thing could be a major failure, but I think that's why I wanted to post about this project now, when it's incomplete - because right now, at this stage, I really like it...and I might mess it up soon! 

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