Too Much Snow!

7:50 AM

Oh, man. Last Friday, in the mountains of southern was snowing. It snowed allllll day long. I love snow. Normally. I always get excited when it snows, like it's a symbol of adventure and beauty and mischief...The only catch is that I don't have 4-wheel drive, so I have to put chains on my car every time it snows. And even that's not too much of an inconvenience...except, at work on Friday, one of my tire snow chains fell off seven times. I think that's how you know you need new chains - when one keeps wandering off. The snow level kept getting higher and higher as the day went on, as did my frustration levels. And for whatever reason, every time I knelt down in the freezing cold to put on my chains, I kept thinking "If today was a children's book, it would be called 'The Day Annie Almost Hated Snow Forever.'" So I just drew this fake-book instead.

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