My Week in Sketches

7:36 AM

 Here's a sketchy look back at my week!:

It's a little embarrassing how sentimental I am about the finale of 30 Rock. I'm so proud of that show, like I'm watching my kid graduate college or something. I will miss seeing Liz Lemon every week.  

Out of allllll my friends' kids, there are are two in particular that have invented a recurring game of "Sit on Annie's lap and tell her what to draw on the magna-doodle." One typically orders me to draw Star Wars characters, which I do happily...even though I can barely see the magna doodle around the two of them. 

I went to a fun reunion of camp friends last weekend, and it was so fun to see all their little kiddos together! Also, there was a pinata.

 I went to a fun Superbowl party...but I was slightly disappointed when I learned that we wouldn't be able to watch the Puppy Bowl instead of real football. I was especially looking forward to the hedgehog cheerleaders this year.

Oh my gosh. This was the funniest thing...I went to the park to practice tennis, just hitting the ball against the wall by myself, and this shirtless old man with some sort of european accent insisted that I should play tennis with him. It ended up being pretty fun, though I didn't take my eyes off my car keys the whole case he was a serial killer or something. (I might be overly-wary of strangers.)

Chatting it up on the phone...

I try every night to get myself in bed before midnight, and it almost never happens. I just love to stay up late. But after a few really late nights, plus the knowledge that everyone around me is sick right now, I just wanted one solid night of sleep. So I worked really hard to be in bed by ten.  
I know, I live such a wild and crazy life!

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