My Week in Sketches

7:54 AM

Several of my friends and I were having dinner together last Thursday, and we knew that the couple who was hosting us for dinner had found out the gender of their future baby that morning...We were on the lookout for baby-gender "clues" around the house and in the food (because the mom is super crafty and sneaky like that) and, sure enough, there was blue food coloring baked into the center of the biscuits! It's a boy! It was a very fun discovery.

My new boss at work hasn't actually moved to the area yet, so most of my conversations with him have been through facetime on my coworker's ipad. (Oh, technology...)

 I was hanging out in the children's book section of the public library last weekend, and kids kept stopping to stare at me like I was too old to be there.

Playing "Guess the Movie I'm Thinking of" with friends. Always a crowd pleaser.

I love the organization I work for, but we don't get government holidays off...and then there's always that sad moment when you remember it's a holiday for everyone else.

I bought a drawing tablet this week! I've been eyeing it for so long and I finally got it! I'm going to create wonderful things with it. Promise.

I saw the movie "Safe Haven," which I wasn't super-eager to see...until I heard the movie has a kind-of-goofy "twist" at the end. It's funny. I mean, I don't think it's meant to be funny, but I sure had a good time.

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