My Week in Sketches

7:43 AM

My week in sketches!

Having lunch with some coworkers:

Last Friday was the snowy, snowy snow day...and this is me putting my chains while my friend-passenger had less-than-optimistic hopes that we'd make it back in the snowstorm.

 This is my mom and me at Starbucks using a free drink coupon, which always makes us feel unrealistically important. Like, "Oh, you'll see there's a free drink on our gold card...because we're a really big deal."

My parents and I are pretty hardcore about our Rummikub game-playing.

Watching old Wagon Train episodes with my parents. More fun than it sounds. Robert Horton was a hottie.

I was trying to get up Highway 38 right when it was being shut down by the police as they closed in on Christopher Dorner. I have never in my life seen so many cop cars in one place. In the beginning, I was a bit naive about it all, like "Are they going to open the road in like 5 minutes? Or 10?" And then I was stuck for an hour.

And this is me feeling like a failure after I sort-of-baked a pizza on the cardboard it came on.

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