My Week in Sketches

7:40 AM

Several of my friends and I have dinner together on Thursdays, and last week was the first time I hosted them over at my new place. It was a funny, weird thing to see my living room filled with that many friends and babies at once.

At work during the winter season, I have to make a lot of copies each week - but last Friday I finally made a  huge batch so my future weeks should be easier...

I had brunch with a friend last Saturday in an adorable little restaurant that I didn't know existed, just a few blocks away from my house...I will definitely be dining there again. 

I miss tennis. To the point that I went to the park and hit a tennis ball against the wall by myself. Which, surprisingly enough, turned out to be an incredible workout and I'm still sore five days later.

 And I got a really fun phone call last week. But I can't talk about it. So secretive, I know. I'm very mysterious.

My roommates and I finally played tennis for the first time in two months, which was so exciting until we started freezing in the chilly night air...

And that was my week!

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