My Anti-Drug

7:55 AM

You know that "What's your anti-drug" campaign? Maybe it's not still happening. I haven't been keeping up with the drug-free campaigns of late. I just know that I used to see lots of "anti-drug" commercials that would show kids enjoying wholesome activities, such as soccer or music, and they would declare that activity as their "anti-drug." Like, "I don't do drugs because I do ballet instead." I think you get the picture. The commercial always ended with the tagline "What's your anti-drug?" I wanted to tell the TV that the effects of drugs are already enough of an anti-drug for me to never go near them. I mean, I don't need soccer or ballet to tell me that. Drugs are like their own anti-drug, right? Okay, and for the record, no, I've never actually seen anyone on heroin...but I've seen plenty of heroin addicts on Law & Order SVU and it never seems to be working out for them.

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  1. This is reason I've heard to stay off of drugs.

    1. Thanks! Apparently another one of my "anti-drugs" is mocking anti-drug campaigns.

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