7:42 AM

This is a bit of a failed attempt. I thought, "What if I drew a tiger but instead of normal stripes, it was a bunch of sideways mustaches?!" That's a normal thought, right? Who doesn't love mustache artwork? But sideways mustaches look weird. It's like a tiger with a bunch of bats on it or something. I gave up on it pretty quick when I saw that it was never going to be anything great, but I still like the concept. Mustache stripes! It seemed like there was such potential.


My Anti-Drug

7:55 AM

You know that "What's your anti-drug" campaign? Maybe it's not still happening. I haven't been keeping up with the drug-free campaigns of late. I just know that I used to see lots of "anti-drug" commercials that would show kids enjoying wholesome activities, such as soccer or music, and they would declare that activity as their "anti-drug." Like, "I don't do drugs because I do ballet instead." I think you get the picture. The commercial always ended with the tagline "What's your anti-drug?" I wanted to tell the TV that the effects of drugs are already enough of an anti-drug for me to never go near them. I mean, I don't need soccer or ballet to tell me that. Drugs are like their own anti-drug, right? Okay, and for the record, no, I've never actually seen anyone on heroin...but I've seen plenty of heroin addicts on Law & Order SVU and it never seems to be working out for them.


Different Uses for a Beard.

7:38 AM

This ranks pretty high on the list of "Most Ridiculous Things I've Ever Drawn" (and that's a very competitive list...) but I felt compelled to draw it once it popped into my head. I don't know why. What is it about beards these days that makes them so hip? I can't imagine they've always been this hip, or Santa Claus and Rasputin and Paul Bunyan would have had hipper reputations. Although, now that I think about it, Paul Bunyan might have been a total hipster.


Recording the Oscars

7:41 AM

Today's post was inspired from when I went to set the DVR recording for the Academy Awards this Sunday, and I found myself so annoyed that I had to go in and set up the recording (yes, I realize it only takes about 20 seconds.) I found myself thinking "Geez, our DVR should just KNOW that we want the Oscars to be recorded! Duh. We're an Oscars-watching household. How dare it not record the Oscars!" I'm sure it won't be long before DVR units are actually little robots that we can communicate with...and I'll just be like "Hey, DudeVR 3000, we always want the Oscars recorded." And he'll take care of it. But until then...sigh...I have to set it up myself. Life is soooo hard.


My Week in Sketches

7:54 AM

Several of my friends and I were having dinner together last Thursday, and we knew that the couple who was hosting us for dinner had found out the gender of their future baby that morning...We were on the lookout for baby-gender "clues" around the house and in the food (because the mom is super crafty and sneaky like that) and, sure enough, there was blue food coloring baked into the center of the biscuits! It's a boy! It was a very fun discovery.

My new boss at work hasn't actually moved to the area yet, so most of my conversations with him have been through facetime on my coworker's ipad. (Oh, technology...)

 I was hanging out in the children's book section of the public library last weekend, and kids kept stopping to stare at me like I was too old to be there.

Playing "Guess the Movie I'm Thinking of" with friends. Always a crowd pleaser.

I love the organization I work for, but we don't get government holidays off...and then there's always that sad moment when you remember it's a holiday for everyone else.

I bought a drawing tablet this week! I've been eyeing it for so long and I finally got it! I'm going to create wonderful things with it. Promise.

I saw the movie "Safe Haven," which I wasn't super-eager to see...until I heard the movie has a kind-of-goofy "twist" at the end. It's funny. I mean, I don't think it's meant to be funny, but I sure had a good time.


7:55 AM

This is what it looks like when Wolverine cooks shish kabobs over a barbecue with his claws. I mean, if I had retractable claws, this is how I would barbecue...


Little Guys.

7:53 AM

Lately I've been drawing a lot of little boys. That sounds weird. It's just that recently I've been practicing how to draw little boys...Nope, still weird. I'm just bad at drawing kids, usually. It's not my strength. So I've been practicing. I still consider most of these to be pretty weak (the top left one could be the next chuckie doll) but by the bottom left dude, I felt like I had at least drawn one boy successfully. And a few other kind-of-creepy hobbit-like little guys along the way!

Napkin Doodlin'

7:41 AM

This was the result of a staff meeting held during lunch last week...I couldn't help but doodle. All I had was a napkin, but it helped keep me awake focused during the meeting (the left was my original scan of the napkin, then the right is after I cleaned it up a little bit.) I mainly just sketched random faces, with a few abstract objects in there. It's like an I-spy drawing...Can you find the hatchet? The microphone? A pencil whose eraser seems to be leaking? Fun game, I know! It's a pretty cool napkin now.


My Week in Sketches

7:43 AM

My week in sketches!

Having lunch with some coworkers:

Last Friday was the snowy, snowy snow day...and this is me putting my chains while my friend-passenger had less-than-optimistic hopes that we'd make it back in the snowstorm.

 This is my mom and me at Starbucks using a free drink coupon, which always makes us feel unrealistically important. Like, "Oh, you'll see there's a free drink on our gold card...because we're a really big deal."

My parents and I are pretty hardcore about our Rummikub game-playing.

Watching old Wagon Train episodes with my parents. More fun than it sounds. Robert Horton was a hottie.

I was trying to get up Highway 38 right when it was being shut down by the police as they closed in on Christopher Dorner. I have never in my life seen so many cop cars in one place. In the beginning, I was a bit naive about it all, like "Are they going to open the road in like 5 minutes? Or 10?" And then I was stuck for an hour.

And this is me feeling like a failure after I sort-of-baked a pizza on the cardboard it came on.


Hanny Valentine's Day!

7:50 AM

Happy Valentine's Day!
Okay, okay, I've been on kind of a Star Wars kick lately...
...and by lately, I mean...a few decades.

Florence and Another Machine

7:59 AM

I giggled to myself as I flipped through my sketchbook and came across this little number. I'd forgotten. I meant for it to be a sequel to my other post about Florence and the Machine. That drawing was like the best possible version of what the band "Florence and the Machine" was like, and this was my worst-case scenario. I couldn't think of what "The Machine" should it ended up as a slot machine. Pretty sweet band, right there.


Too Much Snow!

7:50 AM

Oh, man. Last Friday, in the mountains of southern was snowing. It snowed allllll day long. I love snow. Normally. I always get excited when it snows, like it's a symbol of adventure and beauty and mischief...The only catch is that I don't have 4-wheel drive, so I have to put chains on my car every time it snows. And even that's not too much of an inconvenience...except, at work on Friday, one of my tire snow chains fell off seven times. I think that's how you know you need new chains - when one keeps wandering off. The snow level kept getting higher and higher as the day went on, as did my frustration levels. And for whatever reason, every time I knelt down in the freezing cold to put on my chains, I kept thinking "If today was a children's book, it would be called 'The Day Annie Almost Hated Snow Forever.'" So I just drew this fake-book instead.


7:45 AM

You know how sometimes you're trying to cut something with scissors, but then suddenly it's like "Oh no, my scissors are turning into a boat!"? Okay, so maybe that never happens...I just don't know what else to say about this image. Except that I really like it, and it makes me want to start a company called "Scissorship" just so that this can be the logo. And also because it's a fun tongue twister. "Has the shipment of Scissorship scissors been shipped?..."


My Week in Sketches

7:36 AM

 Here's a sketchy look back at my week!:

It's a little embarrassing how sentimental I am about the finale of 30 Rock. I'm so proud of that show, like I'm watching my kid graduate college or something. I will miss seeing Liz Lemon every week.  

Out of allllll my friends' kids, there are are two in particular that have invented a recurring game of "Sit on Annie's lap and tell her what to draw on the magna-doodle." One typically orders me to draw Star Wars characters, which I do happily...even though I can barely see the magna doodle around the two of them. 

I went to a fun reunion of camp friends last weekend, and it was so fun to see all their little kiddos together! Also, there was a pinata.

 I went to a fun Superbowl party...but I was slightly disappointed when I learned that we wouldn't be able to watch the Puppy Bowl instead of real football. I was especially looking forward to the hedgehog cheerleaders this year.

Oh my gosh. This was the funniest thing...I went to the park to practice tennis, just hitting the ball against the wall by myself, and this shirtless old man with some sort of european accent insisted that I should play tennis with him. It ended up being pretty fun, though I didn't take my eyes off my car keys the whole case he was a serial killer or something. (I might be overly-wary of strangers.)

Chatting it up on the phone...

I try every night to get myself in bed before midnight, and it almost never happens. I just love to stay up late. But after a few really late nights, plus the knowledge that everyone around me is sick right now, I just wanted one solid night of sleep. So I worked really hard to be in bed by ten.  
I know, I live such a wild and crazy life!


Ludes Family Paper Dolls

7:55 AM

Going along with yesterday's post, I also thought it would be fun to draw my family as paper dolls. Yup, I know it's kind of weird. That's me on the left with my parents. It's not the best rendition of any of us. But yeah, I drew us as dolls. Don't actually print them and cut them out or anything. That'd be creepy.


Paper Han & Paper Leia

7:41 AM

I recently stumbled upon the etsy shop for Jordan Grace Owens, and I just loved her drawing style! It made me want to create some paper dolls of my own. But I'm too lazy, so I just drew what my paper dolls would look like, instead of actually cutting them out. It's Han Solo and Princess Leia, if you couldn't figure that out. I mean, if you're gonna' have paper dolls, do it right and make them Star Wars, right?

Guilt Scouts of America

7:58 AM

I want to make it clear that I'm just kidding around here...and I think the Girl Scouts are great. I really do. I was one when I was younger, and I thought it was a great program. But that only makes it that much more difficult to walk past them on the way into grocery stores without feeling guilty about not buying cookies! It's so hard for me to say no to their sweet little faces. And I feel so guilty when I do. Which is why I do the mature thing...and avoid eye contact with them at all costs.

Work in Progress

7:45 AM

This is a new idea I'm excited to follow through with - I decided I wanted to paint a ship in a bottle, but the "bottle" part is going to be made out wood. I cut out a vague "bottle" shape, then sanded it down and stained it...and after all that, I finally have my blank canvas ready to go! But then I hesitated, because I can't decide if I really want to paint a ship in a bottle, or if it would be artsier to draw a city in a bottle, or a forest in a bottle. Those are the three I'm deciding between. And I'm not sure the whole "in-a-bottle" concept is even going to be clear when I'm done with it. This whole thing could be a major failure, but I think that's why I wanted to post about this project now, when it's incomplete - because right now, at this stage, I really like it...and I might mess it up soon! 


My Week in Sketches

7:40 AM

Several of my friends and I have dinner together on Thursdays, and last week was the first time I hosted them over at my new place. It was a funny, weird thing to see my living room filled with that many friends and babies at once.

At work during the winter season, I have to make a lot of copies each week - but last Friday I finally made a  huge batch so my future weeks should be easier...

I had brunch with a friend last Saturday in an adorable little restaurant that I didn't know existed, just a few blocks away from my house...I will definitely be dining there again. 

I miss tennis. To the point that I went to the park and hit a tennis ball against the wall by myself. Which, surprisingly enough, turned out to be an incredible workout and I'm still sore five days later.

 And I got a really fun phone call last week. But I can't talk about it. So secretive, I know. I'm very mysterious.

My roommates and I finally played tennis for the first time in two months, which was so exciting until we started freezing in the chilly night air...

And that was my week!

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