The Baby Rolodex

7:46 AM

As somebody who does not have children, I'm pretty unaware of the child development progression. Like, if your kid is one, just tell me they're one. That's cool. I don't need to know if they're 14 months or 20 months...just "one" will do. I'll get the idea. But once you're a parent (from what I gather), you become so aware of all the little changes that happen during the first few years that you feel the need to say your kids' ages in months. It's okay, everyone does it. It's a thing. It's just something that I've always found to be more confusing than helpful for my brain. But NOW I have so many points of reference (translation: friend-babies) that it's like I can just flip through my little baby rolodex to figure out what ages correlate to what. Four years ago, I'd be like "Can a five-month-old walk? I don't know. Can a 20-month-old eat solid foods? I don't know..." But now I just picture my friends' babies and I can figure it out. It's very handy.

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