Something called "Manga"

7:51 AM

So, apparently "manga" is a thing.
Like, there's this thing called "manga." I guess it's some sort of anime. Which, normally, is not within my artistic realm. You could say I don't "get" anime. But when I was over at my friends' house and their sweet little ten-year-old daughter (okay, she could be six? Thirteen? I can't tell ages) - who's really into manga right now - asked me to draw some manga characters so she could learn how they're drawn...I felt obligated to manga it up. A new challenge.
 These are the weird little characters I drew (copying other characters that she showed me.) Big ol' eyes...I like the animals the best. Especially the beaver. 
 And I don't know what this guy is:
It's like some sort of long-lost pokemon.
I'm pretty sure he's either holding a deadly fireball, or a cookie.

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  1. That beaver is SO cute!! Best I've seen and that's sayn' somethin' ;)

    1. The only responses I can think of are like "And you know a lot about beavers!" Maybe it's best if I just don't say anything at all.


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