My Week in Sketches

7:41 AM

Here's a sketchy recap of my week!:

This was last week, when I spent the evening with several friends, 
one of whom monopolized my time more than the others...

Last week, one of my tasks was to purchase supplies for a magician (sorry, illusionist) act. Totally normal. It was funny because I was asked to buy Diet Coke and water...and a lime...and a knife...and I was just amused that I couldn't tell what was for refreshments and what was for the act. (Okay, it turns out that it was all for the act...)

I watched the final episode of Fringe, and bid farewell to some of my all-time favorite TV characters (but don't worry - I don't really sit that close to the TV.)

My roommate and I tried a new burger place last week and we were won over by the magical soda machines there that let you pick out of dozens of soda-flavor options. It was amazing.

I played the board game "Ticket to Ride" with some friends last week, and my final score for the game was -2. If you don't know anything about "Ticket to Ride," just take my word for it that negative-two points is very bad. The winning score was 146. 146 to -2. It was really remarkable, in the worst way possible.

I'm going to Spain in a few months! After months of talking about it (and days of scouring for the perfect flights), I finally bought my plane ticket. Very exciting.

Tennis buddies! We played and were shamed by the 10-year-olds around us that were so much better than we are.

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