My Week in Sketches

7:40 AM

Well, this happened:
I decided I like sketch-journaling too much to give it up quite yet. I got another sketch journal for 2013! I love looking back at my doodles of 2012 and it seemed like something I ought to keep up for a little while longer. So without out further ado, here's how I wrapped up the holiday season:

I played "artist" for a friend's daughter that's really into art. She'd be like "Draw a deer!" and I'd draw a deer. Good times. But she got so darned excited when I drew was actually fun to feel like I was making her so happy.

The next night, I watched the movie "Michael Clayton" with my parents. We don't typically watch suspenseful thrillers together as a family...and it did not go over particularly well.

Then my friend Angela came to visit for a few days. Yes, she calls me "Hambone." Yikes. Don't judge me by my friends' nicknaming abilities. It's from when my friend's daughter couldn't pronounce "Annie," so she said "Ammie," so then Angela started calling me "Hammie," and it just sort of know what? Just forget I mentioned it. 

Eating and taking silly photos with friends...

One heck of a New Year's party! 

The next morning I felt like I'd been hit by a truck...and I wasn't even drinking! We kept laughing about how "hung over" we felt despite our sobriety. You know, it's just that we party so hard*. 

 And then it was back to work after a two-week hiatus! Ahhhhh, the holidays were good to me.

*I have never partied hard.

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