Greet the Brand New Day

8:02 AM

I've been taking it easy this week and spending all my time with family and friends (as it should be!) rather than spending all day here we go. This blog post is barely "artsy." Whatevs. I'm turning into pinterest craft blog, I know. I apologize. Today, I give you a mug that I made for a friend for Christmas. She loves the Beatles, so I wrote out the words to "Dear Prudence" which is one of my favorites. (I guess in theory I should have written out one of her favorites, but it's just that it's such a good song. Seemed like I couldn't go wrong. It's also sort of an old joke from when we went to Canada together and saw these signs everywhere:)
So as you start out the new year, open up your eyes! See the sunny skies! The sun is up. The sky is blue. It's beautiful, and so are you (okay, maybe we haven't met, but I'm pretty sure I like you already if you're reading this.) Greet the brand new day! Happy new year!

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