7:39 AM

Remember the Nickelodeon show "Catdog"? I do. Vaguely. I mean, I didn't watch it...the kids I used to babysit watched it, and sometimes I would glance over at the television and watch little bits and pieces. You know, for cultural reference. And to stay relevant in my babysitting-kids' lives. (Okay, and maybe I thought it was a little entertaining...) So anyway, this was me trying to think of two completely random animals to combine together - and here we have (the less-entertaining, never-going-to-be-on-Nickelodeon) combo "Giranffeater"! I didn't realize when I first drew it that the anteater would just look like the giraffe had a tail. It actually sort of looks like a dragon. So maybe dragons are actually just giraffe-anteaters that have evolved over the years into dragons? I know, I'm really diving into some scientific territory here. Regardless of the scientific implications of this newly-discovered creature, I just had a good time doodling it.

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