Florence and the Machine

7:44 AM

A few weeks ago I started listening to Florence and the Machine.
That's the name of a band that I now love. At least, I think it's a band. It might be a lady named Florence with C3PO singing backup, for all I know. I haven't looked up anything about Florence and the Machine because I kind of like the mystery. Is it even a band? A duet? Or just one gal with a killer voice? This drawing is what I like to imagine Florence and the Machine to be like. I'm just really, really hoping the "machine" is a musical robot. Like they could go on double dates with Dorothy and the Tin Man or something. THIS would be the greatest band/duet of all time. I'm going to keep hoping.

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  1. Florence and the Machine is mainly made of Florence Welch, Isabella Summers, with some other artists. When they started out, they called themselves Florence Robot and Isa Machine. :)

    I love this band to pieces!


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