7:46 AM

This is a sharkdude, obviously. Just an average dude with a shark fin sticking out of his back...This actually makes me think there'd be a market for a calendar called "Mutant Hunks" or something, and each month it's a different dude with some sort of weird mutation. January's a handsome cyclops, February's a vampire, March is some sort of Edward Scissorhands but with his shirt off...I'm just saying, in a world where vampires are this popular, this idea isn't as crazy as it sounds.

Whale in a Bottle

7:37 AM

I love to draw. I think that's pretty clear at this point. But I wish I was better at illustrating digitally, like with vector illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Even simple designs take me a lot longer than they ought to. So this is me practicing. It's a whale in a bottle. I saw a ship in a bottle the other day and now I can't stop thinking about what I want to draw inside a bottle. So many things! I want to draw everything in a bottle now. Look out.


Wooden Wandering

7:50 AM

This is my latest creation! For me, drawing trees on a piece of wood is the art equivalent of comfort food. I drew this snuggled up on the couch last night watching a made-for-TV romantic comedy. On the Hallmark channel. After watching an episode of Downton Abbey. It was alllll metaphorical comfort food.

And I realized after I'd done the lettering that I actually sort of prefer the drawing upside-down!:
I'm considering drawing an exact replica, but with the trees upside-down like this so the branches look like roots...


Florence and the Machine

7:44 AM

A few weeks ago I started listening to Florence and the Machine.
That's the name of a band that I now love. At least, I think it's a band. It might be a lady named Florence with C3PO singing backup, for all I know. I haven't looked up anything about Florence and the Machine because I kind of like the mystery. Is it even a band? A duet? Or just one gal with a killer voice? This drawing is what I like to imagine Florence and the Machine to be like. I'm just really, really hoping the "machine" is a musical robot. Like they could go on double dates with Dorothy and the Tin Man or something. THIS would be the greatest band/duet of all time. I'm going to keep hoping.


My Week in Sketches

7:41 AM

Here's a sketchy recap of my week!:

This was last week, when I spent the evening with several friends, 
one of whom monopolized my time more than the others...

Last week, one of my tasks was to purchase supplies for a magician (sorry, illusionist) act. Totally normal. It was funny because I was asked to buy Diet Coke and water...and a lime...and a knife...and I was just amused that I couldn't tell what was for refreshments and what was for the act. (Okay, it turns out that it was all for the act...)

I watched the final episode of Fringe, and bid farewell to some of my all-time favorite TV characters (but don't worry - I don't really sit that close to the TV.)

My roommate and I tried a new burger place last week and we were won over by the magical soda machines there that let you pick out of dozens of soda-flavor options. It was amazing.

I played the board game "Ticket to Ride" with some friends last week, and my final score for the game was -2. If you don't know anything about "Ticket to Ride," just take my word for it that negative-two points is very bad. The winning score was 146. 146 to -2. It was really remarkable, in the worst way possible.

I'm going to Spain in a few months! After months of talking about it (and days of scouring for the perfect flights), I finally bought my plane ticket. Very exciting.

Tennis buddies! We played and were shamed by the 10-year-olds around us that were so much better than we are.


7:39 AM

Remember the Nickelodeon show "Catdog"? I do. Vaguely. I mean, I didn't watch it...the kids I used to babysit watched it, and sometimes I would glance over at the television and watch little bits and pieces. You know, for cultural reference. And to stay relevant in my babysitting-kids' lives. (Okay, and maybe I thought it was a little entertaining...) So anyway, this was me trying to think of two completely random animals to combine together - and here we have (the less-entertaining, never-going-to-be-on-Nickelodeon) combo "Giranffeater"! I didn't realize when I first drew it that the anteater would just look like the giraffe had a tail. It actually sort of looks like a dragon. So maybe dragons are actually just giraffe-anteaters that have evolved over the years into dragons? I know, I'm really diving into some scientific territory here. Regardless of the scientific implications of this newly-discovered creature, I just had a good time doodling it.


Hip Jesus

8:03 AM

I drew this picture after church last Sunday, intending for it to be some sort of commentary on how church leaders viewed Jesus, as opposed to people he had healed or helped...In the end, more than anything else, I think this ended up as more of a seek-and-find drawing of culturally inaccurate details from the "Bible Times" era...as I'm sure they probably didn't have modern crutches back then, and I doubt the pharisees wore pope hats. Even the phrase "pope hat" is probably wrong on some level. And I doubt Jesus looked this much like a hipster.



7:56 AM

Today's post was inspired by the wizard Radagast the Brown, a character from the movie "The Hobbit" that I recently had the pleasure of viewing. He's really "in touch" with nature and all of its creatures, so it made me  feel like drawing a dude's beard full of little critters poking out. If you haven't seen any of the "Lord of the Rings" movies, and you think I'm a bit nerdy for referencing "Lord of the Rings" again in ANOTHER nerdy weird blog post, well...I'm afraid this certainly won't be the last.

Oh, and don't ask me why he's doing the macarena. I just have a hard time drawing hands at certain angles.


My Week in Sketches

7:53 AM

Girls night with my lady friends!
(You can tell we're real party animals when two people are holding infants in the picture...)

During the winter season, my job shifts and I typically have to work late on Fridays...which is a pretty exhausting way to end the week. Last Friday, I just kept reminding myself that I'd get to watch Fringe when I got home - and that was my motivation to get me through the day!

On Saturday I worked on an art project all day. All day. I listened to Mindy Kaling's new audiobook twice. I listened to it all the way through, and then I played it again from the beginning. I laughed out loud both times around.

Coffee with a friend that I never get to see enough of:

Dinner with my roommates! We hadn't really all been home at the same time for like two weeks, so we planned some hangout time. 

Work meeting. More fun than it sounds!


One-Liners Part II

7:47 AM

A sequel to yesterday's post! I couldn't help myself. I wanted to draw just a few more single-line drawings...I actually kind of prefer the inanimate objects to the people. They're easier to simplify. And I don't know if R2-D2 counts as an inanimate object or not...I think it sort of depends on his mood.



7:47 AM

My friend sent me a link to a website this week, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. 
It's a blog showcasing the work of a guy who creates portraits with one continuous line, like this:
It made me want to try my hand at creating illustrations using only one line.
Here is what I came up with so far:
I went pretty minimalistic, but it was hard for me! Normally I keep working on a sketch until I feel like I can't improve it any more...it was weird to practice drawing only a little of something and then stopping. But I like the concept, and I'm sure I'll draw some more eventually...


7:39 AM

I added some color to a cityscape I drew a few months ago.
I like it much better now. I mean, now it looks like someplace I might actually want to live. Before, I found it kind of depressing, like I could hear the honking taxis all the way from here...but now it looks like a jolly place. Real swell. Let's paint everywhere like this.


7:51 AM

I was just going through some old files and I found this hand. I always liked it. Mainly because I consider hands to be very difficult for me to draw...but this one came out cool. I remember thinking in fifth grade that I was really good at drawing hands, like they were my specialty, and then years later I felt like I had improved at everything else...but my hand-drawing skills had stayed exactly the same, and were now a weakness in comparison to everything else. I consider this sketch to be an exception to this rule, and I like that it looks "tough."


My Week in Sketches

7:55 AM

The camp where I work is kicking off its winter camp season! 
It's exciting, but it also means I have to work a few late nights:

 Happily, we were able to pull off the first day of winter camp with less stress than usual...

I've got a big art project in the works, and it's been taking up most of my free time lately. On Saturday, I sat at my desk drawing/painting all day long. All day long. I'm not sure I've ever really done that before. My roommate was sleeping all day because she worked the night shift, so she slept all day long. And when she finally woke up, I was right where she left me...but with a hand cramp. 

My little friend found a little red rock on the ground and said she wanted me to keep it to remind me of our friend Angela, who lives in Colorado (where they have some beautiful red rock mountains.) It was just such a sweet thing to hear a 5-year-old say...

It's rare that both my roommates and I are all home at the same time, especially since they both work nights...Any reunions we have seem to be very short-lived.

We've had a funny smell in our living room for a few weeks now. It smelled like vomit. I kept checking under the couches to see if there was a dying mouse or something. It turns out that the water in our Christmas tree holder had gone bad! I couldn't believe the odor it produced. Our living room has smelled much, much better since we removed the tree! (Don't judge us for waiting until the 8th.)


The Baby Rolodex

7:46 AM

As somebody who does not have children, I'm pretty unaware of the child development progression. Like, if your kid is one, just tell me they're one. That's cool. I don't need to know if they're 14 months or 20 months...just "one" will do. I'll get the idea. But once you're a parent (from what I gather), you become so aware of all the little changes that happen during the first few years that you feel the need to say your kids' ages in months. It's okay, everyone does it. It's a thing. It's just something that I've always found to be more confusing than helpful for my brain. But NOW I have so many points of reference (translation: friend-babies) that it's like I can just flip through my little baby rolodex to figure out what ages correlate to what. Four years ago, I'd be like "Can a five-month-old walk? I don't know. Can a 20-month-old eat solid foods? I don't know..." But now I just picture my friends' babies and I can figure it out. It's very handy.


Counting Down...

7:45 AM

True story.
This is really happening. I'm counting down the days until July because that's when I get to go to Comic Con. And my roommate is counting down the days until July because that's when her marine boyfriend comes back from overseas. Whenever anyone mentions July, both of our faces light up - my roommate, because she's thinking about her soldier's homecoming, and me...because I get to go to a convention where grown men wear stormtrooper costumes. It's like, just when I thought I couldn't feel any nerdier about it all, I have this comparison being made? It's too funny. One cause just seems slightly more important than the other.


Something called "Manga"

7:51 AM

So, apparently "manga" is a thing.
Like, there's this thing called "manga." I guess it's some sort of anime. Which, normally, is not within my artistic realm. You could say I don't "get" anime. But when I was over at my friends' house and their sweet little ten-year-old daughter (okay, she could be six? Thirteen? I can't tell ages) - who's really into manga right now - asked me to draw some manga characters so she could learn how they're drawn...I felt obligated to manga it up. A new challenge.
 These are the weird little characters I drew (copying other characters that she showed me.) Big ol' eyes...I like the animals the best. Especially the beaver. 
 And I don't know what this guy is:
It's like some sort of long-lost pokemon.
I'm pretty sure he's either holding a deadly fireball, or a cookie.


Whiteboard Star Wars

7:52 AM

Okay, I know this might not be my finest work, but I'm still fond of it. I drew these Star Wars characters on a whiteboard at my friends' house, while their five-year-old assisted. She drew Princess Leia in red (complete with her infamous hair buns) and added what looks like high heels on Darth Vader. The biggest problem I run into whenever I draw Star Wars characters is Chewbacca. Drawing Chewbacca is always extremely difficult for me. When you really look at his face, it's a crazyface. It's so weird to draw. So we end up with this version. And my five-year-old buddy insisted I didn't give him enough hair, so she went back in and added more hair/stubble all over. We're a good team. 


My Week in Sketches

7:40 AM

Well, this happened:
I decided I like sketch-journaling too much to give it up quite yet. I got another sketch journal for 2013! I love looking back at my doodles of 2012 and it seemed like something I ought to keep up for a little while longer. So without out further ado, here's how I wrapped up the holiday season:

I played "artist" for a friend's daughter that's really into art. She'd be like "Draw a deer!" and I'd draw a deer. Good times. But she got so darned excited when I drew anything...it was actually fun to feel like I was making her so happy.

The next night, I watched the movie "Michael Clayton" with my parents. We don't typically watch suspenseful thrillers together as a family...and it did not go over particularly well.

Then my friend Angela came to visit for a few days. Yes, she calls me "Hambone." Yikes. Don't judge me by my friends' nicknaming abilities. It's from when my friend's daughter couldn't pronounce "Annie," so she said "Ammie," so then Angela started calling me "Hammie," and it just sort of evolved...you know what? Just forget I mentioned it. 

Eating and taking silly photos with friends...

One heck of a New Year's party! 

The next morning I felt like I'd been hit by a truck...and I wasn't even drinking! We kept laughing about how "hung over" we felt despite our sobriety. You know, it's just that we party so hard*. 

 And then it was back to work after a two-week hiatus! Ahhhhh, the holidays were good to me.

*I have never partied hard.

Eggs & Watercolor

7:47 AM

Rather than creating comic strips or spray-painting on walls or drawing cartoon boys, my time recently has been spent trying to figure out how to watercolor. I mean, I know the basic concept, but I've never really been good at it. I'm trying to get better. I bought some AquaMarkers thinking they'd be a good in-between option because I love drawing with markers and despise coloring with paintbrushes...but they're trickier for me to learn than I was expecting. Still, I managed to draw a plate of eggs. That's something. Baby steps. 

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