My Week in Sketches

7:17 AM

Last Thursday, my work sent out an all-staff email announcing my resignation, which was a bittersweet moment after working there for so many years...and Thursday was also my friends' white elephant gift exchange, which definitely ended the day on a high note.

 On Friday I drove through Monrovia, the town that I'll be working in and maybe living. I was so happy driving through all the cute little neighborhoods!
*In real life, I always wear my seat belt and, you know, my car actually has seats.

 The next day my parents and I went out to lunch with my aunts and uncles. It was funny being the only "kid" there, but it was great to catch up with our relatives.

My mom and I braved the mall on the weekend before Christmas, and had a miraculously-easy time getting in and out of the store. A front-row parking spot opened up, there was no line at the register, and it all went as smoothly as possible. We get excited about these things. 

 My mom and I went to lunch with my first grade teacher (who we're still friends with), along with the mother of my best friend from first grade. What can I say, I made some lasting friendships when I was six.

 On Christmas Eve, I got to see two of my very dear friends who drove down from Idaho to visit! I got to see my friend's super-pregnant tummy for the first time.

 My favorite part of Christmas is always spending the morning with my mom and dad. I got a new drill (and we always joke about how it's funny that I get more excited about power tools than my dad does...)

Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas season! I've certainly enjoyed mine.


My Week in Sketches

7:18 AM

 Last week was eventful! My friends and I celebrated my friend visiting from Spain, I got offered a new job, and our friends' baby was born!

My friend and her kids came over to my house to decorate a gingerbread house. We ate candy and wore footie pajamas. It was pretty great.

My roommates and I went on a Segway tour! It was just around La Jolla, but I'll take any excuse to ride Segways because they are the MOST fun things ever. I couldn't stop giggling.

I spent the night at my friends' house, and we spent the next morning lounging around together in our PJs. It was just the best. They have a couch in their kitchen, and I'm convinced I need one in my house, too.
I officially got a new job! So thrilling, nerve-wracking, and exciting. I got the official call while I was at dinner at a restaurant that overlooked the whole valley...It felt like an epic moment, like I could see my whole future before me.

I was working on some big projects that I needed to finish up, and I was so pleased that I actually accomplished everything I set out to do that day (which involved cutting out a very large megaphone.)
Exciting week! And now, bring on the Christmas relaxation!

Holiday Hiatus

7:43 AM

Well, I guess it had to happen sometime...After three and a half years of posting some sort of art every weekday (minus the ONE day I forgot!), I need a break. A time to exhale. My holiday schedule is overflowing with things to do, and there just isn't room for random art projects right now. I want to enjoy the holidays and relax as much as possible, and I'm already more stressed out about things than I would like. After looking at my priorities, blogging just didn't make the cut. 

That being said, I'd still like to stick with my Friday "Week in Sketches" bit, since it's become my favorite part. I'd like to continue drawing in the sketch journal for a while, and without some blog-accountability, I'm afraid I'd get behind. So at least there will be something to tide you over until 2014! I can't believe the year is already coming to a close, but hopefully this choice to re-prioritize will help me step back and savor every last minute of 2013.


My Week in Sketches

7:25 AM

Last Thursday my friends and I watched "The Sound of Music: Live" and enjoyed poking fun at the differences between it and the Julie Andres version. I know, I know, the Broadway version is different than the Julie Andrews version...but that doesn't make it okay that there was no Lonely Goatherd puppet show.
Had fun at a (classy!) dinner party with friends...
This was me trying to get everything done on Saturday and failing miserably: 
 I went to a bridal shower last weekend, and I couldn't help but get into the games. My roommate is also very competitive, and we were sitting next to each other, which only drew attention to us.
I'm working on a really cool project for work and I'm so excited about it, but lately it's been freezing in my garage, so I have to get all bundled up to work in there.
I'm so sad, my drill died! I inherited the drill in the greatest white elephant gift exchange of all time, when my friend gave me a toolbox full of "every tool he had thirds of." It included this drill, which was his grandfather's. Even though it had fraying wires and shot sparks when I used it, I was very emotionally attached. 


7:21 AM

This is a stretch, I know. I wanted to see if I could combine the Beatles and the Peanuts characters. And I sort of did. Like, with an asterisk. Barely. I'm not sure they're even recognizable as the Beatles. I couldn't figure out what outfits they should have! I was going to go with the bright Sgt. Pepper colored uniforms, but I felt the need to strive for some accuracy and during Sgt. Pepper they all have the same amount of hair and there'd be no way to distinguish between them. Not that this is much better. I'm not sure if it's the Beatles or the Peanuts characters that should be more offended. I mean, John's based off Marcy, for pete's sake. This was not a natural fit for anyone. But I had fun, and I suppose that's all I was after (for the record, it's meant to be George, Ringo, Paul, and John from left to right.)


Camping Kiddo

7:20 AM

Oh man, I'm really phoning it in, I know. But who has time to draw during the holidays?! This is an oldie-but-goodie that I drew when I was six or seven. It's me camping (obviously, and I'm apparently really great at it.) My favorite part is all the individual teeth and the zipper on the tent. I always loved drawing little details. I'm pretty sure the little speck on my nose is even supposed to be a nostril. That's detail. 



7:48 AM

 This is such a silly thing to post...I have a friend that I used to work at camp with, and we both had "camp names" (you know, like "Laughing Sun" or "Bonzai" or "Buffalo".) Hers was "Sandpiper." And somehow, rather than calling her "Sandy" or "Piper" (the most logical nicknames), her nickname from day one was always "Pipes." And I grew very fond of that nickname. To the point that, when I address a card to her even now, we get...this. Get it? It's pipes! Plumbing pipes, but there's also a smoking pipe in there. Different kinds of pipes. A silly little sketch, but a fun way to do something out-of-the-ordinary with an envelope.

Nativity Blocks

7:42 AM

This is the latest artsy craft project I got to work on! It was super fun. It's a set of blocks that rotate and switch around to create most of the different characters from a nativity scene. It was designed to be a craft that families could create together, and then kids can play with them afterward. The concept is similar to "Olliblocks" available at, which is a delightful website that I recommend highly. They're super-talented. But we needed a nativity-version, so I set out to create it myself.

This was my first draft. I drew out rough sketches of what I thought they should look like.
This was the final version of each character that we printed out and glued onto blocks:

Each character would get cut into three before being stuck on. We printed them on full-sheet labels, which made it easy to get them to stick on smooth.

After the printed images were on the blocks, we modge-podged them for staying power. And to make them look shiny and finished.

Then they were done!

My favorite part is messing them around and mixing up the characters. You know, with Mary holding the shepherd's sheep and whatnot. It makes me want to create more sets. Like a Star Wars set. Or a Muppets set. Or one with the six different James Bonds...So many good options!


My Week in Sketches

7:26 AM

An illustrated look at my fun Thanksgiving week:
One highlight of Thanksgiving day was playing Crazy Eights with my mom, aunt, and cousin's daughter. Dad was the official shuffler.
 The next day, I met up with my friends at a lake house for the weekend. This house happens to have an elevator, which was of course a big hit with the 4 and 6 year old.

My friends and I played games all evening, and one game had different rounds where you had to use words or charades to get your team to guess a word or phrase. We were getting so good at it, we decided to have a round where we used only eye contact, and it was amazing. We did so much better than I would have thought possible.
(Oh, and we wrote the words/phrases ourselves, which is how things like "Ryan's Mustache" made it into the mix...)
Out on a boat on the lake, the boys kept "falling" into the water on purpose. 
Then it was back to my parents' house for one more day. My dad discovered the "Dog Channel" on TV, which is actually a channel designed for dogs to watch. So it's shots of dogs running through fields and sniffing trees and stuff. I drew myself looking rather indifferent to it in my sketch, but in reality I couldn't look away and was a little disappointed when my dad eventually changed the channel. 

I got a haircut, and since it was later in the evening, there was no one else in the studio. It was just funny because I'm normally super-quiet when I get my hair cut and there are lots of people around, but this time I practically told my hairstylist my life story (and maybe the Hunger Games story, too...)
 At work, I had my annual performance review with my the seedy Mexican restaurant up the road. It was funny trying to do anything professional in such a tacky atmosphere.


Your Will, Your Way, Always

7:22 AM

 These are lyrics from a worship song I heard last week (and while I can't get the song out of my head, I can't seem to remember the name of it!) Still, it was nice to have these words stuck in my head for a while.


Agatha Christie

7:30 AM

I was looking through some of my older drawings while I was at my parents' house last week, and I came across this little gem. It's a portrait of Agatha Christie, the author of many mystery novels, that I think I drew for a school report. I can't remember how young I was when I drew it, but I always kind of liked it. I could never draw this now, with this style (or lack of style), and it's fun for me to see how my drawings have evolved over the years. I love the teeny-tiny hand (it's like a foreshadowing of Kristen Wiig in those SNL skits...) and the weird, wide nose that's attached to the eyebrows. I have very fond memories of watching Hercule Poirot mysteries with my parents when I was younger, and I have Agatha to thank for that. And she, of course, has me to thank for such a stellar portrait.


S.S. Lakesgiving

7:34 AM

Thanksgiving weekend was such a blast! I had a traditional Thanksgiving with my family on Thursday, then on Friday I drove up to my friend's lake house for the weekend. My friends and I celebrated "Lakesgiving", with a full-on Thanksgiving dinner Saturday night, and lots of other games and adventures along the way. One afternoon, while we were out on a boat, my friends' four-year-old daughter asked if she could sit on my lap while I sketched. She asked me to draw a boat. Then I drew a giraffe in the boat, and she decided that the giraffe was our friend Will that was there on the boat with us (who looks nothing like a giraffe, for the record.) So then she started telling me to draw animals that represented each of us on the boat. 

I'm the girl lion near the front (she later said "No, maybe you're a fish instead" but I pretended I didn't hear her.) The pig in the front has a mustache and is married to the girl pig with the hoodie and glasses. The snakes are another married couple that were with us. The camel jumping into the water wearing a child-sized life vest is our friend, Ryan (in a scenario that was not at all hypothetical.) And the elephant with the two little giraffes represented the girl who dreamt all this up, along with her mom and sister. Mom-Elephant is dreaming of her husband and son, both elephants, who had to stay home and miss the boat ride. We all thought it was a liiiiittle scandalous that Mom and Dad were both elephants, but the daughters were both giraffes...and there was another dude-giraffe on the boat...but my little giraffe friend didn't seem to think so. Regardless, I think it's a pretty fun memento from our Lakesgiving trip.


Jesus Conversations

7:13 AM

Oh, you know...Just more hypothetical conversations with Jesus. Sometimes, it's like this.


My Week in Sketches

7:19 AM

I had dinner with friends last Thursday, including one particularly chatty four-year-old. It's adorable. I'm pretty sure she was speaking full sentences the day she was born.

This is why I don't offer to babysit more often. This exact interaction actually happened.
 (It was a plastic knife, but still...)

Last weekend I was a little overwhelmed because I had to pack for a work staff retreat, a visit to my parents' house, and a trip to a friend's lake house, all at once. I made lots of checklists.

Before my work's staff retreat really kicked off, I got to finalize some stage design that I'd been working on. It was nice to see it all come together.

Our retreat was catered by a local Mexican restaurant, and it became a running gag that we had Mexican food for every meal, including breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! It was delicious and I'd be okay if we served only-Mexican-food from here on out.

The retreat ended with us all gathered in an outside amphitheater, and once we were dismissed, I scurried up the top and into the forest towards where my car was parked. I was excited to rush home and see my mom and dad!

...And once I was at my parents' house, I started working on our family Christmas card.
Then we celebrated Thanksgiving! Definitely a fun week.

No Place Like Camp

7:11 AM

I've drawn this phrase before, but felt like revisiting it again. 
I like summer camp. A lot. Any kind of camp, really.
You might even say I'm thankful for camp...

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Go eat some turkey.

Draw Near

7:10 AM

I know this is totally cheeseballz, but whenever I see the phrase "Draw near to me" in the Bible, this is what I'm picturing.

Scarfy Stationery

7:28 AM

This is a simple stationery design I created for work recently. Since it's sort-of-wintertime, and legitimately cold in the mountains, I thought it warranted a scarf. I like that it's a little bit different than normal stationery, but it's still super-simple.  

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