Top 10 of 2012

7:55 AM

I thought I'd take today to do a special blog post featuring my ten favorite entries from my sketch-a-day journal that I utilized this year. A YEAR! I can't believe how quickly it went by. Oh 2012, you were good to me. Let's have a look:

(And to clarify, these are my favorite sketches, not necessarily my favorite moments of 2012. That would be a very different list that didn't include being serenaded in public by an acapella group.)

Which is what happened here:

To be honest, this is actually my favorite journal-drawing of the year. I think it captures a "Classic Annie" moment more than any other, as I took my blow-dryer into the kitchen so I could dry my hair without missing any of the 6-hour Pride & Prejudice miniseries I was watching. 

I like the ridiculousness of this sketch. In the midst of spray-painting a mural at work, I was so tired and covered in paint that taking a quick nap on the concrete seemed like a great idea.

I was always fond of this one. It captures the best part of being an only child. Peas in a pod.

I was proud of this sketch because I wasn't sure I could draw it adequately, with the right angles to show us blowing air straight through the heart of my computer. Good bonding time with Dad.

I love this one because it visually sums up what it's like any time I babysit anyone's children. Somehow it's a little bit chaotic, and I think we're all having a good time, but I never seem to have a handle on anything that's happening...

I just love that I documented this. After my roommates moved out, I didn't have a can opener, so I used a screwdriver and pliers to get into my canned goods:

This was what a typical day in the office looked like for me in 2012:

I like that I can tell right away who I meant each kid to be in this drawing, even as little cartoons. I'm still holding onto the dream that we can train them to respond to whistles like the Von Trapp children eventually.

I like this drawing because it commemorates the little moments in life, the ones that we so often forget about. I enjoy when my journal sketches were able to capture specific moments rather than "dinnertime" or "hanging out."
On to 2013!!...

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