7:47 AM

It's no use pretending that I don't have a very nerdy side to my personality. I embrace it. To clarify, it's not the I-did-really-well-in-calculus kind of nerdy, it's the I-get-really-obsessed-with-sci-fi-movies kind of nerdy. Like Lord of the Rings, for example. And I'm fortunate enough to have friends that love a lot of the same movies that I do...AND we love board games! Put them together and you get hours of nerdy Lord of the Rings trivia time. Yeah, that's right. I know the difference between Theoden and Theodred. I'm not even sorry. I'm just thankful (and lucky!) that I have other friends that think this sort of thing sounds awesome.

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  1. You ARE lucky! I gotta get that game. Then I'll figure out how to force my friends into playing it with me. : )


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