My Week in Sketches

7:46 AM

Here's a sketchy recap of my Christmas week!
Last Thursday my mom and I met some friends for dinner (including my first grade teacher, who I still adore!)

Some friends' kiddos cornered me and started requesting personalized doodles. They always seem to want animals drawn, which are not my specialty. (I'm always thinking, "Are you sure I can't interest you in some cartoony dudes instead? Or trees?")

My grandma turned 100 last weekend! I'm pretty impressed. Unfortunately, her short-term memory is failing so we have to keep convincing her she's actually 100.

Morning coffee time with my mom...

Christmas Eve church service with my parents: 

While Christmas was filled with lots of great moments, unwrapping a brand new sander was pretty high on the list. Everyone needs their own sander, right? A very merry Christmas indeed.

And perhaps the nerdiest sketch of 2012:
I finally saw "The Hobbit," which I loved, and it felt like I was visiting old friends.

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